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Elan in the US Pool

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Hmmm.... Chip Knight on Elan? Guess they're now in the Pool....
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Yep, I spoke with Daniel a few weeks ago and he mentioned that chip Knight was on Elans now. Starting last season Elan began working for better representation in the states. They build excellent race skis, and are finally getting the recognition of doing so. According to Daniel the race skis were very well received at Mt Hood this summer. As far as i know there were no changes to the FIS race line from last season other than offering the 165cm SLX WC for men. They have also taken a very interesting approach to junior skis as well. Elan now markets junior skis that are built exactly like the FIS skis. The only difference is that they have two slightly thinner sheets of titanium in them - but are still thicker than the HCX and carving models. They look like excellent skis for a J3, especially girls. Odd that this was just announced on October 20th... It will be very interesting to see where the Elan race line goes from here.
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they had some really awsome all mountain skis last season as well...the M12 and M10. The M10 was alot of fun...M12 was too burly for my weight/height.

Other than that, all I knew elan for was their rental skis we had and the stealth [img]smile.gif[/img]

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