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Soft Shell Pants?

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Anyone try any?
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They are great for those days when it is relatively dry and temps right around 20 degrees, They transport sweat away from your body better then goretex. They are good for doing an early morning run with the dog or snowshoeing. By The way I saw some really nice looking soft shell pants for about $100.00 in the LL bean Catalog
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For the past year I've been using a pair of Cloudveil Kovens on 9 out of 10 days. In general they work great. Super comfortable, breath well, warm, and decently up the water resistance scale. Definitely recommend them. However, if it is raining or puking slush/sleet I still pull out the old Arcteryx 3 ply pants since the soft shells seem to seep a bit under those conditions - especially on really wet lifts...
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I have had mixed results with my Mammut pants. They are great when conditions are good but they let in too much wind and as spindrift says they definetly soak through quickly. If I were to buy again I would probably go w/ Mountain Hardware -- my MH jacket has been great.
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There are several soft shell materials, and they are quite different. I have a pair made from Schoeller Dryskin Extreme. Very breathable, very comfortable, great for bluebird days. But they are neither windproof nor waterproof and are quite light. Made more for aerobic winter activities and are not really intended for cold, windy, or wet days. Something like the Scholler WB-400, OTH would be much more bullet proof--less breathable but virtually wind proof and more water resistant. Nothing will beat a hard shell if it's really wet out.
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I absolutely love my burton AK-Pants Softshell using Goretex 3-Layer Softshell materials. Bit pricey with a tag of 550€ in store, however getting it on proform cut down the price to 170€.It's a bit on the heavy side for a softshell due to the 3-layer construction, however therefore it is as good as the hardshells in terms of waterproofness. For Summer/spring skiing I'ld prefer a 2Layer construction
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