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Hello everyone!

I have been away from skiing [and this forum] for a couple of years for a variety of reasons, but now I am back and would like to start again... I have lost touch with the more recent trends and technology so I will need an update... I have a couple of questions that I am sure have been asked a million times already, so just point me in the direction of an answer and I will go there to find it....

Ski length... yes, I know, probably the most commonly asked question ever... but here it goes: When I stopped paying attention a couple of years ago, the trend was to go shorter and shorter..... I am 5'7" or 5'8" and consider myself an intermediate skiier... My current [now old] Volkl's are 184cm, but I always wished I had bought them in 177cm... I am thinking of getting the newer version of the Volkls but wonder about the length... I am guessing these days I should get the 170cm, but someone said to go even shorter to 163cm... What do you think?

Are there any reviews posted here about the Volkl Unlimited S2 or the Energy380. [I've read the ski magazines, but they are not that helpful]. These are the two I considering at the moment,...

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Ski lengths have continued to go down for most skiers, and at 175lbs and a level 8/9 skier, I ski on 162s (but, on some of the fatter skis, I'd likely be on 180s). It is more a function of your weight than your height most of the time, now, together with your ability and the speeds/terrain you prefer.

Did you review the FAQ at the top of the gear discussion forum? That may help, too.

I'm afraid I can't help you with insights on either of those skis, though. Sorry...
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If you are on 162s, I definitely should NOT be on 170s then!! Wow! I am only about 155lbs, 5'8' [with boots on] and maybe level 5...
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AB, again, it depends on the skis, etc., too, but you could easily be on 150s or 155s in some models of skis. In the S2 I wouldn't hesitate to go 163 or even 156. I'd probably recommend 156 in the Energy 380 Gamma. As long as you're not a speed demon. If you like to go fast, move up to the longer of the two.
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