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working in a rental shop

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bit of an odd topic and i guess im risking a flame here, but oh well.

so anyway my uncle has a friend at a rental shop at a local hill and his friend offered me a job there. now i dont have much experience with this.... but not wanting to turn down the offer due to lack of experience(i love boarding and this means cheap tickets) I said yes.

I am aware of people having had their rental skis set up badly before and don't really want to repeat this for any poor soul. now he did say that I wouldnt have to do anything for the first week or two, that ill just learn from the guys already there, but I thought I would ask you guys if there are any helpful websites that will assist me in addition to this... While Im aware of basic DIN vs weight charts etc, I know its far more complex than just that.

any advice or links to good info on this subject appreciated.
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I think a lot of the problems with poor rental setups comes mostly from the boot aspect. Setting up bindings and DINs isnt a terribly difficult process, follow the charts, set forward pressure and you're done. As long as you pay attention thats easy to do perfectly fine. The big issue is fitting rental boots.

Unfortunately there's only so much you can do to avoid this, since generally rental shops will only have one type of boot and just have different sizes (and its not a very good boot to begin with), but attention really needs to be paid to not getting the wrong size. They should be snug, but not too tight. An overly loose boot is going to be just as uncomfortable (and worse in terms of performance) as one that's too tight.
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Get use to saying "bend your knees" for first time skiers. Otherwise you'll be fitting them in boots several sizes to large. (this was done to me my first time out)

Also, please make sure that the boots actually fit into and will be held by the bindings. I've seen that be a problem with rental bindings. I'm not sure if they just move to easily, or if one tech is just a little to sloppy.

Good luck.
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