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Get Well soon!

Wow Ric,
What an unlucky accident and how lucky you are that the outcomes are manageable and that you like being mobile almost immediately. As others have said take the rehab slowly and don't try to get back on skis too soon.

Good to hear that you will be driving a desk at the ski school at least for the near future. Helen and I are attending ESA again and are then at Vail for two weeks and had hoped to hook up for a ski but will now amend that for drinks and dinner and a chat. Will send you a PM.

I'm just coming to the end of rehab from surgery so I sympathise but as long as you continue to make progress it is worth it. All the best for a speedy recovery.
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Good to hear things are heading in the right direction. Heal fast!
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Hope your injury heals faster than expected, and definitely look into the one-legged and chair skiing...!

Also, thanks for reminding us to be careful at this wonderful sport. 51 y/o and no serious accident yet. Knock on wood!

Suerte amigo!
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Ric - that one made me hurt just reading about it.:

Glad you are starting your recovery off on the right..... errrr..... foot.

If the one legged sit-ski idea falls through, you could always get one of your patrol buddies to give you another tobaggan ride!

Heal fast!!
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Ric, your courage and cheer on the snow during all this was really inspirational, as it is in this post.

You'll be back up in no time. We missed you at ed staff training!
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Glad to hear you are home and that things are going as well as they could be given the circumstances.

Stay in touch here. Heal fast !
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Ric, I see that you accepted that it actually happened to you and that is a good start to recovery.

I was in denial for four days after I broke my tibia in two places and also the fibula, I couldn't happen to me I thought, I am too good, well, I guess I deserved to get punished for that thought.

It happened in Davos, Switzerland, and as the surgeon came by the first time I lamented and he said that the injury was minor and the plate and eleven screws would hold the bones and they will heal quickly, the important thing he said was that my joints, the knee and the ankle were OK, they were important to skiing, the shin bones can be ignored.

This may not be of much consolation at this time to you, but believe me it is a lot better than a badly torn up knee.

Unlike you, hanging around the ski area was too painful for me so I stayed away.

Take it easy and maybe I'll see you again at a party at Bob's.

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Joints vs straight bones, this is very true. Straight bones heal, joints are never quite as good again. Get stuck into that milk.
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All's been said but just wanted add my hope for a speedy pain free recovery. I know you'll perform balls on when you get to PT. I know what it's like to miss a great Rocky Mountain season (albeit for different reasons). When I had my knee done several years ago I was back on skis before xmas. Surgery was begining of October. Same hospital, different doc.

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Ric, heal well, heal fast but don't force it. I'll get to Vail some year for a visit. If you're ever back east we'll have to make some turns.

Be nice to your therapist and remember that they're not the cause of your discomfort. I tell myself that at least three days a week.
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Knit well, my friend! Robin
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Ric: Yikes! I was out of the country, came back and found the threads about your gruesome-sounding injury. As a recipient of your support and kindness after my own injury (and I think I'm happier that you saw mine rather than me seeing yours) I can only wish you quick healing and as fast and happy a return to the slopes as I had. And I'm sorry you won't be at ESA East this year, even in a spectator or video critic capacity. I don't think the dinner will be quite the same. Keep us up to date with your progress. Cheers, Evan.
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Ric, life is long, you will have many years of great skiing, and at some point this too will be only a memory (hopefully like the boot removal one that you will not even remember!)

Heal well!
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OMG Ric, where have I been? I didn't even see this. I am so sorry to hear of your injury. Hope you are healing well.

Who would have thought this would happen to you? Just goes to show that even great skiers can make stupid little mistakes that end up causing major injuries. Edges, damned if you have them, damned if you don't

Heal fast and well,
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I want to echo the well wishes of others. I hope you heal quickly. Perhaps you've been given this time off the snow for some reason. I'm not sure why or what but hope you'll be able to find an answer over the next few months. Good to see you posting again.

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Hey everybody-
I tried posting an update a couple of nights ago, but just as I pressed “post”, the website logged me off, and it was lost in cyber space. Who knows where it ended up…

Anyway, it has been just over 2 weeks since that uncompleted left turn. I have been resting comfortably at home, watching beautiful weather, some new snow, and some of the worst daytime TV has to offer! How can the people on Jerry, Maury, and Divorce Court not be actors? They make even the worst of ski bums look like upper middle class citizens!

I have settled into a simple routine- sleep, eat, watch a little TV, eat some more, and then sleep some more… How boring! I’d much rather be out and about! But up to this point, I have found that I’m only good for about 4-5 hrs of being outside. After that, I’m heading for the couch and a long nap. I still have my good days/ nights, and the rough ones.

On Tuesday, I’m supposed to have all of the staples and stitches removed. The doc’s replaced my splint a few days ago with a removable boot/splint. It was the first time since the fall that I had actually seen my leg. It looks like something out of a bad horror movie! Lots of staples and stitches. The doc’s oohed and aahed over how great it was looking. I had to ask if they were looking at my leg or the leg of some model in a magazine!

With four more weeks to go before the doc’s will even consider allowing me to put any weight on the leg, they have also made it clear they do not want me doing any work until that time. So right as the Christmas crunch hits, they’ll turn me loose to help out. I’m sure I’ll be ready to spend some time outside the condo by then! I’m already going crazy, being indoors most of the time.

I have been reading about the gradual opening of areas all across the country, as winter slowly creeps in. It would be nice to imagine that sufficient snow will fall everywhere to provide fantastic skiing for everyone involved in the sport, and our industry.

So once again I wish everyone a safe and snow filled season.

Ric Reiter
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It's weird how a stint in hospital can really knock you around. The body gets tired so quickly and sends you back to bed for more sleeping.
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Fatigue and the use of sleep to fight it is the body's way of recovering from the tremendous shocks of both the injury and the surgery to repair the injury. It's normal and it's great if you can accept that and just go with the flow until the surgeon says you can start making use of the leg.
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If Maury et al gets to be too much for you, I'm sure we can arrange to post video of really bad skiing for you to critique while you're sitting around.

The Ooooo-ing and Ahhhh-ing is all relative - remember that the surgeons saw your leg when it was all in bits and pieces...... plus they probably shaved it for you .... and at least you didn't have "cast-funk".
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I have empathy, Ric! After my surgery, I developed this strange Lifetime Movie Network addiction!: Things will get better, and one day this will be just a memory! Heal well, my friend!
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Maybe you could use the downtime to edit the latest edition of Bob's book.
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edit schmedit

Nah, Colossus ...

Ric and Bob's ideas about skiing are different enough that Ric should write his own book.

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After my shoulder surgery I developed the habit of watching TV Land, you know, the channel that shows the old shows we watched when we were kids. There isn't much to choose from on daytime TV. That grew old quick and I began my own therapy...without permission...in my sister's pool. I took it very gently though, I really didn't swim, I just floated around some and moved my arm gently. I'll tell you, that minor movement in the pool helped out a lot. That was in the summer though, so it was easy to lounge around outside.

Have you tried sudoku puzzles Ric, they are all the craze around here lately...they can't keep them on the shelves. They are much better than a lot of the crap that is on daytime TV.
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Ric, Hope the healing is going well - best of luck,
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Yeah, so how's it going! Have you got the Office running properly yet?
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I heard the bone graft was botched......
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GEEEZ, Bonni! I can't believe that you actually posted that pic! haha...

This pic was taken during dinner at the Dillon Dam Brewery with Skier J, Bonni, Bong and Kay, Tom Burch, and KLKaye. I guess I couldn't get enough of those ribs!

I'm going to post an update in a new thread....

It's great to hear about the snow (almost) everyone is getting!

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Good to see you haven't lost your appetite!
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