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LOdging Holiday Valley

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Does anyone know a cheap place around Ellicottville in NY? I am thinking of spending Thanksgiving weekend there as it is the cloest place to me that will be open for some early season skiing.

I was checking their online reservations for the lodge and the minimum for just one night is $190...Unreal...Aspen yes I can see the charge but Holiday Valley??? $190!? And that was the cheap room.
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The lodging in Eville is expensive for such a small place. Black dog lodge is a great little B&B about 4 miles from the mountain. Also try Edleweiss lodge, Eville Inn, Ilex Inn B&B. Not to rain on your parade but it seems highly unlikley that they will be opened at there 11/25 target date. Probably won't open until Mid to late December unless things change drastically.
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Ya and a seasonpass is almost $700.But, it's the best place anywhere around. There are some inexpensive motels and hotels in Salimanca about fifteen minutes away. And a nice Casino there also.

I can tell you right now though, you won't be skiing there for Thanksgiving. I patrolled there for ten years and only had to ski Thanksgiving one time. With no snow on the ground right now, don't bother planning on it.
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I only know the Holiday Valley Motel, about 10 units right near the Yodeller t-bar. I think they tore it down 40 years ago to make room for for the Mardi Gras chair.

Is Dutch Roy's still there?
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Yeah... don't bother. It's looking bleak, very bleak. I hope its not a repeat of last year, but I am not getting my hopes up. Last year the weather fooled us by giving us enough cold weather to make snow and be open for skiing by mid to late december... then it proceeded to rain for 3 weeks. Then ski season ended (weird to have spring conditions in december though). Then ski season started back up, but most areas in western NY played catch up for most of the season after that (or so it seemed). The town is expensive though... I usually hit friday nights, PM me if you're there.
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Everybody has to think Lake Effect, and they're going to need a Lake Effect event. Unfortunately, the prospects of the golf course being open are probably better than the lifts running this Thanksgiving.
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I'll be in E-ville on Friday and I'll take a look at the bulletin board at the Quality Market - usually some rentals advertised there.

I am hopeful for a turkey-day opening but fear that we won't get it.

How many people are you looking to house? I'll see a bunch of people this weekend and can ask around.

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Well after today (Wed - 11/16) highs are all in the 30s with 4 days at 40 degrees and lows all below freezing....it looks good for snow making if you ask me
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Thanks for the info. HelluvaSkier and any others. I will be going there a few times this year. If you want to meet up let me know. I will PM when I go or let me know.

Also I was thinking of checking out Bristol Mountain this year. If you have any info on that let me know.
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Originally Posted by gretch6364
Well after today (Wed - 11/16) highs are all in the 30s with 4 days at 40 degrees and lows all below freezing....it looks good for snow making if you ask me
If the highs are approaching 40, that's not even marginal snowmaking weather. It was 70 degrees this morning at 5 am in Erie, PA, 67 at my house near Syracuse (if you draw a line between the 2, Ellicottville is within 20 miles of the line). In order for the snow to stick, the ground has to be frozen, as in soil temps below 32 degrees. We'd need a solid week of sub-freezing temps to even start thinking about snowmaking. NWIH is Holiday Valley going to be open a week + 1 day from today.

Local weather is calling for the temps to drop and we will probably have 70 degree temps and lake effect snow in a single 24 hour period : , but the snow won't stick.
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42 degrees currently in western PA at 1,140 feet elivation...I don't think 70 is accurate
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Accuweather says 4 inches of snow possible. Lows next week in the low 20's..highs low 30's.
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Originally Posted by SkierXMan
Accuweather says 4 inches of snow possible. Lows next week in the low 20's..highs low 30's.

could you post a link...and where at...Ellicotville??

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If HV gets like 6 inches and it stays cold they will def be open thanksgiving weekend and I will there....I am going to Colorado December 16-20 and I HAVE TO get some skiing in before I go out
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I agree, temp issue is a major factor. They have pretty good snowmaking so as long as temps stay consistantly cold that would help tremendously. Until today it has been so warm hopefully the snow gods will be good to us.

BTW gretch go to www.noaa.com and type in 14731 zip code.
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All forecasts I look at now(Accuweather, WUndergound, CNN, noaa) say very cold with snow over the next week in Ellicottville and up to Buffalo area.

Maybe we will get lucky for Thanksgiving.
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Powderhound...I like it...I like it alot
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You won't see a Thanksgiving opening, I can promise you that. Did you see my post about only skiing once on Thanksgiving in the past fifteen years? The projected opening date is always the first Saturday in december, which is more realistic. Trust me on this one. I've been skiing there for 30 years and worked there for 10.
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Sorry Lars but I will wait and see rather than taking your word for it
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Holliday valley posted an anticipated opening date of 11/25. If it happens that is good. If not I will just have to drive to VT or Witeface over Thanksgiving weekend.
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If we get four feet of snow over the next four days they might be able to open one slope, usually Mardi Gras, and maybe the bunny hill but right now they aren't even staffed enough to open up more. Jane Eshbaugh, the Resort Manager, was on Buffalo T.V. this evening. They haven't been able to make any snow at all. She also said the Resort is looking for employees for all areas.

Personally, I don't care if you want to take my word for it or not. I'm telling you a Thanksgiving opening is out of the question. You'd be better off making plans for somewhere else. I'm not really sure if any places in New England will have good conditions for Thanksgiving. Otherwise waste your time and drive to Ellicottville and see for yourself.
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Well....forget HV than.....Seven Springs is blowing snow right now....I would rather ski there...but if HV is the only place open that is where I will go....but any how...go springs...and by the way....I love Sidney Crosby
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Buffalo Southtowns 24" and still snowing

Holiday Valley nothing!
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Well that really sucks...are there any resorts close to buffalo that are getting all this snow...maybe they will open this weekend...I wish
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That Lake Effect Snow is wild how one place can get punded and down the raod a few miles nothing. A couple of years ago I drove up to HV from Pittsburgh and traveled through some of the heavisest snow I ever experienced along 1-90. When I got to the ski area, it had snowed an inch!
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Originally Posted by gretch6364
Well that really sucks...are there any resorts close to buffalo that are getting all this snow...maybe they will open this weekend...I wish
There's a place called Kissing Bridge near Colden N.Y. which at the moment is getting pounded. They have gotten over 2 feet so far today. You can check them out online but I'd bet they will open this weekend.

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Chances are they won't be open. I have been there opening day for the past 3 years, seems like it has been the first week in December for the past three years. Long range weather not too bad though http://www.weather.com/activities/ot...v_undeclare d

Also a new Inn is opening in Ellicottville, Wingate Inn, looks pretty nice! Might find this link usefull. http://www.ellicottvilleny.com/members.asp?Parent=1004
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The problem with Kissing Bridge is that if it snows too much the hill disappears...
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I've got 2 feet at my house in hamburg. I would have gladly let eville have it all. Looks like some warm weather until midweek. still hopeful for the 1st or 2nd of december. there were rumors of snowmaking last night and it was even on the snow report but I guess it never happened.
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