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Bandit X

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Let me apologize in advance since I am quite sure there are threads all over this site that would probably answer my question, but I just spent the better part of an afternoon searching. I found lots of valueable info(as always) but was hoping to get more specific feedback for my needs(selfish I know).

So the question....I have an opportunity to purchase a pair of Bandit X skis, 02/03 from what I can tell. Seem to be in very good shape. Price >$200 with bindings. Are these a good buy? What is your impression of this ski?

I had been looking to purchase the RPM 21, which, from what I can tell is a Bandit XX beefed up by a plate, but this looks to be a good deal as well. The thing about the skis is that I will be using them mainly in the midwest to ski with the kids. I will drag them out west, but would only ski them if the conditions were right. I usually like to demo skis so I can try different stuff.

I have been skiing for 30 of my 33 yrs and there is nothing I shy away from. Like to ski fast, bumps, trees, bowls, you name it. Out west I ski first chair to last. My biggest concern with skis usually involves my weight. I am about 6' and 255-260 depending on my last meal(former college fullback). In this case I am not as concerned due to the fact that the majority of my skiing will be on small midwest hills.

Your thoughts on this ski???????
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I bought a pair last year on Ebay for about $175, but mine were pretty beat up. If they are nice and you don't have to re-drill the bindings, I would think $200 is a good deal.

I bought mine for teaching and ended up using them quite a bit. They are a nice ski for me. I skied mostly on midwest short groomed hills, but had them on bumps, ice, trees, and even some western soft steep stuff. They performed adequately for everything I asked of them. I found I could carve these better than my XScreams. My only problem was a little bit of a stability issue, but I think that is because I purposely bought a short length for teaching maneuvarability. I would be concerned about this ski for your weight since I only weigh about 155 and I have problems turning stiffer skis. I think this means the ski is probably a little flimsy.
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These are a very able, but light, ski. I currently have a pair of 177s that I use primarily for skiing with my kids. I'm 5'9", 140. They are good, but not great, at everything. Very quick edge to edge, decent mogul ski, OK in light powder. In heavy snow or crud they get kicked around quite easily. Ski well with modern or old style technique. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Sounds like a good deal for how you're planning to use them.
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. I had a pair in the 184 length. I gave them away. I am 5'10" 190 Aggressive. They feel great when you first get on them (Nice intermediate cruiser) But when you push them they give-up all @ once. Fast on real smooth snow is ok? Put a bit of chop, a forming bump or loose snow in your path while arcing hi speed turn and you will be rewarded with a lost ski and a yard sale. This happened to me a couple of times before I got rid of them. (They are weird flimsy) In bumps the flex pattern will hold to a certain point and then just (Lets go)!! So you end up with allot of tip cross and generally spastic bump skiing. I think these are a great ski for someone in the 140 to 160lb range. They are not for big guys who like to push. They don’t push back they just give-up with no warning (Dangerous)!!
The ski mags rated the 02-03 bandit X very highly

Look for some Atomic R.11’s same year or newer you can find them cheap and the dimensions are very similar. Also you might consider going to an older Atomic R EX don’t be afraid to go fatter. Atomics and Stockli's are beefier skis designed to stand up to repeated stress.
To find good deals near the price range you are loking for I Highly recommend this guy
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Take it from someone who's about your size and has skied the Bandit x. It's WAY to soft for you, even if your just an average skier.
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So do you guys think I will run into the same type of trouble with the RPM 21?
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Hey I am not sure what you are replacing, but you should take a hard look @ this deal!
Might be a match made in heaven?
Any bears dissagree?
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You should look for a stiffer ski for your weight. The Bandit X will be too soft for you. Look at Volkl or Atomic. I'm 155 lbs and ski aggresively and own a pair of '01 X's. Some have mentioned issues with skiing moguls on the X but I love them in moguls and on groomers but get over boot top crud and they require a lot of work to keep the tips from crossing. Maybe take a look at Atomic R11 or R9. Also take a look at the K2 Axis X pro model from th '01/'02 season.That's a stiff ski in the same dimensions as the Bandit X.
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re: Bandit X alternative

I bought the Bandit X the year they came out in a 191. I am 5' 10" amd around or under 160lbs. I loved them at first ( I also demoed the xx and xxx and lovedtm too) but then I dicovered that they don't really float very well in powder, didn't carve as well as the Viper X and they really seemed to suck on boilerplate ice. I moved to them from the Vidper X which was awesome on ice. So I wished I had gotten the Bandit xx. In 2000 I got a pair of SkiCross 66. I ski them in a 178 but you can get these in a 184 or something like a 188 which would be good for you. I grew up in the midwest and think the SkiCross 66 or 70 (which can be had for a bargain on EBay like $99.00 w/o bindings) is a really bombproof ski for those conditions.
My experience with the Bandit X was that it was fairly stable at high speeds but wouldn't hold an edge on hard stuff. Also the tail was long in the bumps.
Hope this is helpful.
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Thanks for the help. I don't this ski will meet my needs.
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