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Utah condo for Pres. week

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I’m in charge of finding a condo for Pres. week in Utah that sleeps up to 8. We will be skiing around so any location works. Looking to do it as inexpensive as possible. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Inexpensive is a relative term based on the individual. Having said that really cheap is a hotel in SLC. If you want a mountain condo/house those could be had somewhat reasonably near Brighton or Solitude and would not be as expensive as staying in ParkCity/Alta/Snowbird, not much night life but still roughly an hour to LCC in good weather. Good news BCC lines will probably be shorter than LCC but clearly LCC is a must ski while you are there.

Try www.vrbo.com for rentals.

Good Luck!
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try www.parkcitycanyonslodging.com/index.htm

they have helped us in the past.
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Redpine Condos at the base of Canyons (well, not exactly at base - need to take a bus up or drive down to peoplemover lift) has 3 BR townhouses, generally less $$ than PC. Try http://www.redpinecondos.com/ or vrbo as above or book thru rental agencies. Great location if you are skiing around, 45 minutes to LCC/BCC (if roads are clear) and you can stop at CanyonSports to pick up discount tix, 1 hr to Snowbasin. Restaurants in PC will be nuts during pres week so we end up getting lots o' takeout - Dan's, Teriyaki place, Mt Chicken, etc.
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