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Fat skis that bump.

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Ok I know this is somewhat of a contradiction but I am after a fat ski as my everyday all mountain ski, something that excels in the steep & deep yet is capable in bumps. Also will handle in tightish trees and carve o.k on the groomed. Does such a plank exist, I was thinking 10.ex or XXX.
I have had many mid-fats but just love the extra float in powder.
Any ideas?
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demo the crossmax.
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I skied bumps on my Chubbs on half the days I skied last season. They are great in bumps.
Only problem was that it was too much effort for fast zipperline (more than 2 turns per second). But if you like to ski bumps at a slow to medium speed, either in the zipperline or the slow line, it certainly is feasible. Maybe some lifters would help.
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I have a pair or AK Lauchers, and they work great in bumps. Most fats bump as well as you do. I would not go past 90mm under foot, but hey some would. Fat skis not working in the bumps is a total myth, at least out west. My favorite bump ski is the K2 Enemy, which is 75cm underfoot, but the AK is real fun too. I ski the Enemy dead flat, and my AKs have 12mm of lift.
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I forgot to mention that because the Chubbs are so stable, I sometimes make big GS turns through the bumps. I don't feel comfortable doing this on my regular skis.
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I ski on the 4x4 Bigs (194 length) and they do great in the bumps, I thought I would still prefer skiing bumps on an older straight ski when I bought my Bigs but changed my mind after skiing them in the bumps then going mack to a narrow waisted ski. The Bigs (and I'm sure most other fat skis) really rip through bumps with some powder on them, they are so stable it is unbelievable.
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How well fat skis work in bumps is a matter of opinion & technique. I have some Super Mountains & I love them in the bumps. Other skiers I know think they are totally unskiable in bumps. One reason I like the Super Mountains in bumps is they are light which makes them easy to maneuver when they are not on edge or in contact with the snow. I have tried some heavier skis in bumps and didn't like them due to the effort they took while younger, stronger skiers I know did.<FONT size="1">

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