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What's Up With Schweitzer??

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I used to ski here quite a bit...cut my teeth on skiing the steeps (which are there in spades) in sometimes very tricky snow/conditions (rain crust, fog) all of this in addition to some great pow days, which all helped to make my skiing pretty darn solid. And when the lake is out...there is no finer place to be

I think the place rocks and am looking forward to hitting it up when I am visiting the parental units this winter.

I know there have been some changes during the 5 years since I skied there...new terrain out by Big Blue, Siberia etc.

except for last years debacle (PNW wide) what is the latest scoop on the best area no one has ever heard about (sic) ?

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I skiied there in 97 and was amazed, what a brilliant place. The views, the terrain and the facilities were so under rated. It's a real gem, and destined for greater things if someone would take it up and tell people.
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I plan on purchasing some land around there. That entire region is amazing. The only thing that sucks is the low elevation, but no biggie. Short drives to Canada and the lake in the summer, that place is hard to beat.

And a real town, I have no idea why Sandpoint isn't more expensive than it already is.

I love it.
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Part of the reason it is not sold harder is the ownership. Harbor Properties is not primarily a ski company. The own Schwitzer and Stevens Pass along with hotels and other types of property. They may not want to spend the money that it takes to promote it.
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