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Posting Attatchments

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How come some "members" get to post photos while others like myself can't...there are many members, posting pics not just "suporters" who are posting pics. Thanks

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attachments are a supporter function.

Pictures require you have a web host of your own. Then you link the image to your post using img tags.
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"members" can't post attachments.

"Supporters" Can!!
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I post images by uploading them to my own site, then putting in the link to them. FWIW, I am just a member, not a supporter.
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Originally Posted by Stache
"members" can't post attachments.

"Supporters" Can!!
Why are you riding the Magic Carpet backwards?

When is Windham opening?
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Target opening is (was) for this Friday 11/18.
Pouring rain here at the north base of the Catskills today.
Not looking good for the home team.
Maybe next weekend after Turkey day??
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