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Summit County 12-13 Dec

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Hello Bears,

I'm thinking about coming out to your neck of the woods to ski on the 12/13 of Dec. I can use frequent flyer miles to get to Denver on the 11th and found a great deal on hotel/car in Dillon. Any bears available to ski with on the 12th/13th? I knowit may be a bit far out for some to commit, but i'll need to make the flight reservation soon before tha available FF seats are gone. Congrats on the new snow BTW
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Would have loved to, but I normally can't pull of mid-week days. Have fun - you'll probably have great conditions.
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Thanks Noodler and good news, looks like I arrive on the 10th and can ski the 11th as well.
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Confirmed arrival for the 10th and skiing 11-13 Dec. Love to hook up with anyone who can find the time. I'll be staying in the Dillon area and will have a car. I've done Vail/BC and Telluride/Durango before, but this will be my first Summit County skiing and really looking forward to it. I'm counting on you locals to replicate some of the snow you've had the last few days while I'm there
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I'll be guiding at Copper on the 13th. Let me know if you'd like to join my group for the day as my guest... Drop a PM...
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I may be able to ski Sunday, the 11th. I'll be able to confirm when it gets closer.
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Great Faisasy! I'm thinking Loveland on the 11th, but open to other suggestions. PM me when things firm up.
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For Sunday, Dec. 11 -- barring significantly better snow conditions elsewhere, let's plan on meeting at Loveland, 8:15am by the Ski School desk (upstairs in the cafeteria).

I'll have on blue jacket, blue helmet, gray pants, red Nordica boots. Anyone else?
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Monday the 12th -- I can sneak away from work for a couple of hours that day -- after about 11.30am.

I work at Copper -- so, if you plan to be here, let me know. Anyone else?

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Faisasy I'll be there!


I'm not sure where I'm skiing on the 12th, but Copper is definately a possibility. The wife & I will be in breckenridge 8-14 Jan so I'm leaning against Breck/Keystone on this trip although I'm not ruling it out. I'll have internet access while there, so will definately be posting.
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OK - I'm in for Loveland on Sunday (11th). Faisasy and jgiddyup PM me your cell numbers. I'll be in the blue Patagonia jacket and black pants with a silver Giro helmet. 8:15 at the ski school desk.
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PM sent and I'll see you there. First turns of the year and can't wait
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Well I made it into Silverthorne alright. Snow looks good from the road and can't wait to get out there. Had a good experience at the rental car counter. I got an incredible deal on a midsize at $48 for 4 days including all taxes etc... Low and behold I get to the thrifty counter at the airport and they're out of midsize, so I get upgraded to 4WD Durango for the same price. $48 bucks for a Durango for 4 days. Not bad I would say.

See everyone at Loveland at 8:15 tomorrow.
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Unfortunately I'm gonna have to back out on my original plans since my son broke his leg today at Copper (I'll probably post the story in another thread). Needless to say, I need to help my wife with him tomorrow at home.
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Roger that Noodler and a speedy recovery for your son. Maybe next trip in January. Take care of the wife and yourself as well.
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I'll be up on Monday- probably Breck.

Noodler- I hope your son is alright. Were they able to set it without surgery?
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Dp I'll be at Breck tomorrow as well if you would like to hook up. I wasn't originally planning on Breck this trip because the wife & I will be there for a week in Jan, but I decided to check out our condo location and get the lay of the land. I'll PM you my cell# and give me a call if you like.
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Originally Posted by dp
I'll be up on Monday- probably Breck.

Noodler- I hope your son is alright. Were they able to set it without surgery?
Since the fibula did not break it acted as a "splint" for the tibia so they said that everything should heal back together without surgery. However, he doesn't have the permanent cast on yet - we see the orthopedist tomorrow to get the final word on his injury.
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Noodler, sorry to hear! Give your son our best. Bummer deal!
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