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Originally Posted by catskills
Friends watched a black bear walk under the lift early in the morning on opening day two years ago. You could see the bear tracks. Saw a Moose in the Hobacks once. I had to stop for some turkeys to cross the trail once. Not sure what all this has to do with this thread.
A mountain lion started an avalanche at at over 12,000' feet at Breck a couple years ago that was witnessed by many (not me). He rode the slide down, dug himself out and then crossed the Tenmile Range to the west. DOW confirmed the tracks and said lions this high in winter are rare but not impossible.

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My neighbor's dog.
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Walking on rock on a steep slope in skiboots (usually to reach good off-piste). That one always gets to me.

One of my scariest moments was skiing lovely powder which I suddenly realised was getting very steep with nothing visible just below. I stopped on a 45º slope with a drop over a several hundred foot cliff just below me.
Climbing up only about 15 feet in powder on a slope that steep to where there were some small trees seemed almost impossible and seemed to take forever, I was convinced the slope would slide over the edge at any moment. Major pucker.

The idea of suffocating in an avalanche is horrible but it doesn't really affect my (mostly off-piste) skiing. (I was in quite a big one once but luckily stayed on top). And I'm not scared of trees, though a friend of mine died hitting one.

But sometimes when I come off skiing steep off-piste and hit a fast, crowded, icy run - I think: Christ, this is dangerous!
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Having a Canadian ski holiday booked (starting in just under 5 weeks) and reading alpine temperatures of 12°C is getting me a tad worried!
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My only two real fears are
  1. Runs that would result in death or serious injury if I fell, e.g., excessive rocks, etc.
  2. Runs with no "escape routes" or places to stop, e.g., extremely narrow runs with cliffs or rocks on each side.

Those are about the only two things I won't ski. Note that many cliffs and park features that better skiers utilize still fall into category 1 for me.
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what scares me?

nasty women and
taking out the garbage at night
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Not afraid of much......

but my wife would rank as Number 1.

Beginners on advanced terrain.

The sound of boarders behind you, that's a good one.

People stopped on the run/around the lift.

My wife crashing/falling.
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