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Underwear That Won't Stay up

Originally Posted by L7
Thread titles about underwear that won't stay up.
"Tequila makes her clothes fall off."
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Packs of snow boarders"i have 2"they have no reguard for the rules"any rules".Anybody on a black diamond skiing in a snow plow.Hell anybody skiing on a blue skiing in a snowplow.I cringe when i hear the words"dont worry its not steep"when uttered to a child or adult. Coming down and getting hurt not because i made a mistake but to avoid some idiot that was somewhere they never should have been.
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I am with Bob Peters on this one.
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There are only two things that scare me...... one is Nuclear War....
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...the other one is my mom (even if I'm 40 y.o.)
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Originally Posted by Nobody
...the other one is my mom (even if I'm 40 y.o.)
Noooo....... C'mon..

The other one is Carnies..... You know, Circus folk. Very small hands. Smell like cabbage.
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Like someone said earlier, my biggest fear is dropping into a large kicker/tabletop jump in the park and having someone cross into the landing. Sometimes I get paranoid I am going to land on someone's head, espically when i see all these little beginner skiers weaving in and out of the park and jumps.
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To be honest, big air. Ever since a major wipe out at age 15m, doing a monster jump, I just feel my stomach go just before I hit the jump, causing me to engage emergency methods to minimise lift off. I can't seem to help it. It may also have to do with an innate fear of heights, that will sometimes get to me on chairlifts (fell out of chairlifts more than once as a kid, mainly because of arsing around with buddies)...

Speed doesn't scare me at all, except when there's many people around, but that one's easy to remedy: just slow down..and I love powder/ice/moguls/trees/steeps and a combination of those things
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a rope

Originally Posted by gobucks
What scares me most? Lift evacuation. Hands down. The thing is, I know the more I ski, the more likely its gonna happen.

Oh well, Im sure it will happen during miserable conditions, and at the highest point on the lift, and Ill be the last one off. :
I fear being on a stopped lift too long. I never dress warmly enough. A three hour stall in below zero weather would be serious. In the past I always carried a rope. The older lifts are not as high as the newer ones. At Jiminy there was a double that broke down all the time. That lift was the reason I carried a rope. When they replaced the double with a high speed six pack - no need for a rope. The day it opened it broke down and a full evacuation was required.
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It's funny at first I thought that nothing scares me anymore while skiing. However, after thinking about it I'm afraid of loading on a lift with someone that looks like they know what they are doing, but don't. I've had that experience last year at K-mart with a middle aged boomer in a helmet. Riding lifts with novices can be quite injurious as I found out many years ago. Futhermore, I'm quite leary of many situations while skiing, but none of them are frightening because I know I can avoid the bad experiences.
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Originally Posted by iskitoofast4u

Maybe we should change that to "fear of the unknown!" Thankfully I've never lost a child in my 7 years teaching (knock on wood).

The fear of losing one during Holiday periods is real though (as anyone who has experience with 5 year old's can attest to!)...Better that it's always in the back of my mind, lest I forget that kids often resemble lemmings on LSD
That fear is why I'm always counting kids silently about every 30 seconds.

My worst was inadvertently swapping twins (identical in identical parkas/pants) with another instructor. Took us 15 minutes to figure out we each had the wrong twin.
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Originally Posted by Bob Peters
Two things:

1. Avalanches - suffocating and being helpless. Even more scary would be if it happened to someone else and I was the one who had decided the slope was safe to ski.

2. Making a small mistake and flying into the trees while skiing fast on a groomed run. It's obviously never happened to me, but I think about it every now and then.

The thought of either one gives me goose bumps.
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Not much scares me. That might sound egotiscal but after having bullets and bombs go off around you,nothing else effects you the same. If I put myself in a dangerous postion then I accept the outcome.(Avy's,Quakes,Wildfires,Tornados)If someone else involves me in a situation then I deal with it the best I can. When it's time nothing else really matters.
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The last run of the day. Just superstitous, but I've noticed a pattern:

Usually I know I really SHOULDN'T take it for all sorts of sound reasons but ... I do it anway and halfway through realize it's dark, I'm tired, I got up at 5:00 a.m. and if I mess up I'd feel like such an idiot because I knew better. But there I am.

So that's the point each day when fear kicks in.
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1) growing old and not being able to enjoy the things I do now.



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Safeway Saturday Nights

Anyone who has skied Mt. Hood Meadows on Saturday night would concur. The fear is multiplied if you are taking a clinic. You are standing on the hill, doing a drill, and all of the sudden a gaggle of gapers comes tearing down the hill, in bad light, with little to no control. All you can do is pray.
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logging on to the Epic forums only to find that they are down! SCARRY
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Originally Posted by Bob Peters

1. Avalanches - suffocating and being helpless. Even more scary would be if it happened to someone else and I was the one who had decided the slope was safe to ski.
Bob's #1 fear makes me want to revise my fear (of losing a young child in a lesson during those busy times). Generically, my biggest fear is something going wrong when I'm the one "in charge."

Case in point: My sister is 4 years younger than me (22), and although she's technically an adult, within the family she's still the baby. Whenever we're hiking OB, whether it's while on vacation in the Rockies or Mt. Washington in the spring, I feel responsible for her safety.

I feel that way due to a combination of my having more experience in OB situations as well as the whole cliche "big brother" complex. Lord knows I've put myself into some sketchy situations in the past, but in the end I'm responsible for what happens to myself as a result of poor decision making. I don't like subjecting others to that, however.

Boiled down to its basic elements, fear is that which rationally or irrationally holds us back. I guess I'm fortunate in that my greatest fears serve to (hopefully) protect others.
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Clowns on Snoboards
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Getting eaten by a bear.
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gerbils,hamsters, and glass tubes
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Entering a Walmart on a rainy sat. afternoon.... ever wonder where in the hell those people are from? Mutants I tell you!
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22 huh...
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What scares me?

1.) STEEP HILLS. It's only my 4th winter coming up (started late, I'm now 41). I've gotten good at short radius turns, being able to slow down, but when I see a steep hill before me, it definitely scares me. Even runs that I really enjoy, I have a moment of dread when I begin.

2.) HALF PIPE. I see they have one at Windham mountain in New York. I'm afraid to ski it. I get afraid that the people on the lift will laugh at me, or I'll wipe out on it horribly. (Looking stupid, unfortunately is probably a fear of a lot of people.)

3.) BLACK DIAMONDS. I only did one, my first year on skis. Scared me silly. I hope to do some this winter.

4.) MOGULS. They scare me, and yet I have a calling to do a mogul run and see if what I'm reading about (technique wise) will make sense.

They're all my fears, but they will be conquered. I look forward to trying the half-pipe, doing black diamonds, and running moguls this year, my 4th winter.
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Originally Posted by HeluvaSkier
22 huh...

You should also note the "Big brother complex...", however
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The first time I skied Tuckerman Ravine. First it was the guy they were taking down to Hermit Lake shelter with a broken leg as we were hiking up. Then it the fog that came in as I crested the the headwall and forced me and my buddy to wait above the headwall for an hour, contemplating are fate. We made it.

Oh, I almost forgot the car sized piece of ice that broke off above us, barrelled down the side of the bowl and smashed into 'lunch rocks.' Thank god for the person that spotted it.
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I have one more thing to add to my list of what scares me now.
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I have a thing for skiing a steep convex roll-over. What if there is nothing on the other side just out of sight? Last winter I almost couldn't stop before an unseen cliff line (partner below yelling STOP!!). It just messes me up when progressive steepness makes the apparent safe path disappear, and I haven't been there before.
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First let me say i willing share the hill with boarders and for the most part respect their ability when its demonstrated.

What scares hell out of me ??

Entry level snowboarders who decide its cool to go warp speed but who are out of control and beyond their ability on blacks/steeps . I got whacked last season by one , while on a steep blue ice boilerplare. The impact broke my binding , hit my head on the Ice in the middle of a 180 spin --thank god for helmets and gave me a set of tender ribs for the rest of the day

The little puke was on my right on a steep, i moved as far left as i could . -

I can rip with control but this turd had no idea of how to get down the slope and couln't execute a turn . Fortunately i was only stunned but the puke did'nt even stop to inquire . Patroller's later yanked his ticket it a damn good thing they got to him first
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Avalanches - been there done that
One small mistake and into the trees at speed - been there done that
Evac, schmeevac - I've had a chair try to dump me from 100 feet up (was hanging on with my butt sliding underneath the safety bar on the downswings).

My most terrifying moment on skis was when they duct taped me into a mono ski (sit ski) and sent me down the beginner run.
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