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Relative Newbi New RX9's

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First of all, I'm new here, but am really enjoying the information and wit of this forum.

I took up skiing 2 years ago at age 52. I skied nearly 50 days last year and took a slew of lessons. I've only skied here in Telluride, mostly hang out on the blue and double blue groomers. When I'm out I feel like I'm looking at the world through the eyes of a 22 years old in a 50+ year old body. Can be a conflicting combination.

My equipment has been a pair of K2 Patriot G5's and Lange Comp 100 boots. I took a plunge based on the advice of a well respected instructor friend and bought a new pair of (Last years model) Fischer RX 9's (170 cm).

I'm planning on taking a lot of lessons again this year, but am a bit nervous about the new season. Is there anything I should watch out for concerning the Fischers. And, what advice would you give me about the first few days out.
Why is this sport so addicting? I've participated in a lot of sports, but have never had this much fun.

I'm 5'10" and weigh about 180 pounds.
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The RX 9 rips....take it out on some blue groomers and just let them go....the faster they go and the more you push them, the more they like it....and it is still pretty smooth and forgiving.

I didn't like them too much in the deep stuff, find some really hard stuff.....they won't even notice.
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Winter's never boring

"Why is this sport so addicting? I've participated in a lot of sports, but have never had this much fun."

Congrats. I'm new to the sport too. I'm completely hooked as well. I started when I was 50. I bought a pair of Atomic C9's - 150's the first season and grew into them. This will be the start of my 4th season. I've had some excellent instruction and some painful teaching experiences.

The first year I spent more time getting slammed into everything, amazing yard sales, sprained thumbs, wrists, knees, whiplash neck a few times, bruised hips, thighs, shoulders, elbows. Twisted every joint on my body and this just on the greens and easy blues. Just kept getting up, wouldn't quit. Getting that first feel of control, priceless. The second year I trained for it. Balance board toys heaven. Better luck with instructors started skiing the blues and easy diamonds. Third year I'm skiing beginner bumps.

Yes addiction is the right word. I can't wait for it to start getting cold so we'll have snow. I ski mostly up state NY and Vermont. A couple of times in Utah, Powder Mountain. Too new to really enjoy that trip. Would love to go back.

I think the addiction is a little different when you start out older. I know for me there's a little more appreciation that I can even get up in the morning and challenge myself with some new trail and get better at it each time. I've know co-workers younger than me who have no energy for living. Tips up.
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Fischer RX-9's are great skis. There are several reviews posted in the gear review section here. It also pretty much swept all the magazine reviews last season. This year's RX-9 is unchanged except for the cosmetics.
Have fun.

I too, am an adult except when skiing.
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If you haven't already, get the unlimited lesson package. (I think it's around $148 this year). Used it two years running a few years ago, well worth the price.
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