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Summit County Lodging

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Hey there,

I have a group of four friends coming to visit in January. The plan to arrive arond the Tuesday before MLK and depart the Tuesday after.

A 2 or 3-bedroom condo would be perfect -- something in or around Dillon/Silverthorne/Frisco would be really ideal.

Anyone not using their place that weekend or just interested in a rental fee?

My friends are professionals in the 30s from Boston and non-smokers.

PM or respond here, please.

Thanks everyone,
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Go to VRBO.com, you can find all kinds of condo deals. ust found a nice unit in Dillon for $135 a night, 3 bedroom.
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Thanks Lars.

I compared it to "on mtn lodging" rates and believe it or not with the discounted lift tickets, it's cheaper to book through Copper Mtn.

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I didn't know you just wanted to ski Copper. If you are skiing other Summit Co Resorts, you'll be better off staying in Dillon or Frisco. Most Condos rented through VRBO have discounted lift tickets also. The Condo I mentioned came with discount passes for Copper and the other major resorts. The Copper tix were four days for $99. That's hard to beat.
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