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Attention K-Mart shoppers

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I plan on heading up this weekend. Anyone else? I will leave Philly EARLY Sat AM (like 4:00) get up there, ski the rest of the day, Sunday and a few runs on Monday and head home. If someone wants to meet (Highway Star??), lemme know.
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I plan on being there 11/23-24 & 25. Let us know how it looks. the weather forecast is favorable!


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Do you really think that they will be open? It's been real warm here. If they do open, skiing will be real sketchy. They look for top to bottom skiing in order to open. That will be tough this weekend unless it gets alot colder. Better call Friday!
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You still planning to come? Wed 2:45 pm 68* Albany.
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Still planning. supposed to drop temp wise and I jsut need to get away anyway.
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