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Jane's 2006 Kids Gear Review

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See Jane Ski 2005/2006 Season New Gear First Impressions

(format and some other stuff stolen from Noodler’s reviews)

My stats: 4 1/2 years old, 1 meter tall, 16kg. female, 2nd season skiing.
Random stats: 10 runs, about from here to the park in length.
Conditions: Lots of new snow, well over my waist in spots.
My current equipment: Salomon T1 boots, Dynastar 08 Team Speed (90cm 98|66|85) on Tyrolia SL45 bindings

In general I prefer my old Rossignols. I like a ski that takes a beating and stays purple on the top so I can admire them while on the lift.

Ski: Dynastar 08 Team Speed (90cm) 5M radius <98|66|85> (red,white,blue)

Dynastar says these are for “future champions looking for a ski that facilitates initiation to carving arcs on-piste”. Yeah. I say they are wide and slippery and go like my Hot Wheels through the loop de loop. Off piste? Like what’s that, the parking lot?

Comments: My skis had a fresh tune and wax job (Dad and I scraped wax on Saturday). I love these skis - they ski the way I ski. Downhill - ha!. Next time, we go lighter on the wax, though (you listening Dad?). Dad thinks they may be too much for me, but give me another chance and I am all over these babies. Rating: C+

Boot: Salomon T1 (17.0) (blue)

Yeah, I know - so last year was green with purple skis (good times). So, I can put these on and off ‘All By Myself’™© - but somehow my sock got scrunched up and I have new bruises on the front of my shin. Talk about purple and green! Dad says there is a seam on the tongue of the boot in the most ridiculous place (like right where the bottom bruise was on my leg) and he is considering changing THESE out before we get too far along in the season. Fine with me but just don’t make ‘em RED LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE I HAVE ON AUGHHHHH. Rating: D+/C-

Binding: Tyrolia SL45 (silver)

These get “Jane’s ‘All By Myself’™© Award for 2005”. Once Dad gets the snow off my boots, I am in these babies like a found Starburst in my pocket. They let go when I dumped in the powder and when I tried to go in 2 directions at the same time - 2 thumbs up. On and Off. Yeah, baby, yeah.

Jacket/Pants: Columbia Vertex (4T red:blue/red:red)

Dad got a deal on these for $65. New is good, but I’m looking like a big mouldy strawberry. Easy to spot is the same as ‘hard to miss’ and I’m having enough trouble dodging these balance-challenged giants without making me look like a traffic cone. In the end, my butt was dry and warm, though and I’ll outgrow these before they wear out in February. Rating: C+

Helmet: Salomon (yeah, you guessed it: RED)

Nice that it still fits well and the goggles match up nicely. Dad says I can take off the goggles when my head is at least 5 feet above the ground and not a day before. Just because I get hit in the face a few times (in a row) in the lift lines by someone’s poles - Gimme poles!!! - that’s what you need to do!! - can’t a girl defend herself?! I mean, I know WHERE to hit back already, just gimme the sticks - ahhh, maybe next year.
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Well hi there, Jane! My name is Maggie and I'm 4 too. Yes, Dad is typing this for me.

Yesterday was my first lesson at (unnamed Summit County resort, not Copper). It went just fine, but don't ask Dad, he's a little disturbed that I had to hike up the unmotorized un-majic carpet, over and over. That, and the lesson was 200 yards from the classroom. That’s a long way. But looking on the bright side, if I can handle that, I can handle anything! Dad is very, very, very proud of me. My instructor was really nice. Dad has to track her down next trip and leave her a tip ASAP. I don't know what happened; he had some cash at the start of the day!

Here's the gear I'm rockin.

Salomon Crossmax Grom – 80cm (red/white/blue)
-Seem to work just fine, I’ll update after a couple more lessons.

Salomon C305
-They released perfectly when I crossed up in the living room and went into the couch. I didn’t mention anything to Dad about yesterday.

Salomon Performa T1
-Are they too loose? No. Are they too tight? No. They are blue and have a bug on the side. Moving on….

-Pepper Skins (black), top and bottom. Nice stuff, better than Dads.
-Columbia FreeRun bib(black). Fits nice, I’ll grow out of them before they wear out.
-REI Windy Peak girls jacket(pink and orange)-Again, very nice. Will last awhile, maybe 2 seasons.

Dad and Mom think I look great. I’m jealous of your giant strawberry outfit, though. You’re a lucky girl!

-R.E.D. Buzzcap.(black) Fits well, Does not match up with Smith Sundance Kid goggles(pink, pink w/flowers strap) AT ALL!, Not even close. Big problem. Dad needs to check on some other goggles. If that doesn’t work, Dad will be convinced that whoever designed The R.E.D Buzzcap wasn’t paying attention. We’ll see.

So far the gear has worked just fine. Except for the helmet/goggle disaster, I give it a thumbs up!
Jane, we hope you and your family have a wonderful season.
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Jane - thanks for the reviews. I really enjoyed your post and will pass along your thoughts to my 6 year old and 4 year old sons.
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Jane asked me to post that after her visit to WinterPark this weekend, she is convinced that her gear will work for her this year and across the board, she is happier with the lot. No more boot bruises (was probably the socks) and with the harness on, it was easier to gain confidence with the new skis.

The 90cm skis are big for her and easily have twice the surface area of last years straight skis, but she was running them pretty confidently in parallel by the end of the day (noon). I was surprised to watch her from behind as the shape on them was definitely significant and she was turning very quickly and easily at times.

And she reminds me to share with you all that Copper has better lifts and hot chocolate than Winter Park (not to mention the missing whipped cream).
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saving spot in epic thread for when Highway_Star appears and tells 4 year olds to be on 190cm boards
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4th Ski Day Update

Jane reports from the slopes that Copper was a blast today and all gear decisions are 'locked' for the year. The 90cm shaped skis took a little getting used to this year but Janesmom and Janesaunt report having had a hard time keeping up with our little traffic cone.

Pics from Copper...Waist Deep!
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