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Boot sole grinding in NJ area ...

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Want to get my boot soles ground/planed this year instead of using under-binding canting wedges. I know different shops may use different methods to accomplish the same thing, so I want to use a shop that does good (no, make that great) work. I have InstaPrint footbeds in last year's Lange Banshee 110 boot. I like the fit & flex of these boots so I'm not looking to buy new boots, but would be open to new footbeds if they'd eliminate the need to grind at all.

I'm not sure what my canting needs are [long story] so I would want to have the shop assess this in person, as opposed to shipping my boots there, giving my requirements, and having the shop do the work without having seen me. My canting needs with previous boots have varied somewhere between 0-3° depending on boot and which foot (less for left, more for right).

If I have to, I'll drive the 4-5 hrs to VT sometime w/in the next month or so (gmol, probably). Are there any GOOD shops that do this work that are closer to NJ, including eastern PA, NYC, or CT, or should I just head north?
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tony d,
I posted this on an earlier thread...

there is a surefoot in NYC and killington that can make you an awsome orthotic and take care of any alignment, fitting or lifting needs. There orthotic system is second to none. They also have the best alignment system that I have ever seen. Both the devices used to measure and grind are the most accurate I have ever seen. HANDS DOWN. In a recent letter I saw from aldo radamus (former us development team head coach) he said "....The work that surefoot does with our athleates is our -secret weapon- in taking on the ski racing world." referring to the alignment services that were performed on there athletes in the copper mtn location. Check them out, they have not become such a giant entity in the ski boot world for nothing.

There orthotic might correct most of your alignment issues... after using many different products, once I put there orthotic in my boots, there was no more need for grinding my boots. Just there orthotic made a big difference in my skiing.

There website is www.surefoot.com, It should help you get in contact with the nyc store.
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Most shops are afraid if this due to boot/binding interfacing. Liablility do to binding calibrating comes into play.
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If you go to Europe, I think sole grinding is much more common. Like was said above, most reputable shops won't grind boot soles becasue of the liablity. I am lucky that I have pretty good natural alignment and the Tecnica Icons that I am in allow my right side to be adjusted to keep me aligned very well. If you really want some grinding, go to Europe or at least find someone who has done it before and get references on people they have done that for.

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Sole grinding is VERY common here in the U.S. You just need to go to a place that has the correct equipment for the job. I know for a fact that Surefoot does it very succesfully everyday. The problem with the boot/binding interface, is not a problem if the tech, rebuilds the toe and heel of the boot properly. It is actually very simple. Most places dont do it because a) it is extremly time consuming and therefore expensive and hard to justify to the average skiier. And b) they dont have the PROPER equipment. a belt sander with a good eye or even a jig just wont cut it. The hard part is taking a measurement on the skiier and exactly duplicating that to the bottom of the boot. I have been one of the lucky few to see how surefoot does it, and it is quite impressive. I always brought my new boots to them to just grind flat. Many boot soles are not flat out of the box, so I would go to surefoot, and they would flatten my boots on there cool little machine. If there is not a significant amount of material taken off the boot, often times there is no need to rebuild the toe and heel. Boot sole grinding is a valuable asset, don't dismiss it just because most shops don't do it, just find the right shop. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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