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Originally Posted by vail99
I have skied La Grave. Verbier, St Anton, etc.. and yet to have anything compare in the US. Yes we have better weather, less hectic liftlines and sometimes better snow- but Europe has real ski villages, MUCH better food, massive mountains where you can ski virtually anywhere, ambience, and more authentic ski culture. And if the snow is bad- Hey!, your still in Europe!

Also in my experience the French are fine outside of Paris and very welcominh in the Alps- unless you act as the ugly Amreican.
The best thing about Europe is that the skiiers are mostly Europeans, and by nature (that Germanic tendency to follow the rules?) they stay on piste. That leaves all the powder for knuckledraggin heathens like me. That said, every year I go either out west or to Europe with a local ski club, I think they are very different experiences both with their goods and bads, and I find them often a coin flip.

On thing I notice it that you rarely see the dumps in Europe that you see out west. The 4-5 feet of pow in UT and WY, etc we see, rarely happens in the typical European resort, they tend to get a more consistent snowfall that accumulates over time. Exceptions exist of course (we had massive snow in Chamonix a few years back) but I've had more teets deep days in UT alone than in all of Europe. This is the best thing about the US. The best thing about Europe is the availability of easy top acess off piste and lunch.
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j/k = just kidding
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Never skied in Europe but am willing to spend a bit to do it, maybe after the kids are out of the house.

Europe is one of those places where you see beautiful women with ugly men, much like Utah.
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Originally Posted by mergs
I'll be in Meribel in Feb 06... so I'll ask you now, SVP, that you keep off the tail of my snowboard whilst in the queue (or my wife will beat you up), merci beaucoup. j/k
Oh my, that's all we needed, imported snowboarders...
(j/k bien sur...)
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Originally Posted by comprex
I did. I was trying to figure out why Bonni had such a bad time in Iowa.

Now thats what I call corn snow!
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