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Advice, please!

I have a new pair of Technica Rival X9s which I've yet to use. I had them heat-moulded in the shop, wearing the standard footbeds, and they're passing all the usual at-home tests just fine. I hit the snow in three weeks' time.

Now, the question is: Do I continue using the Technica footbeds or use a pair of customised footbeds I had made more than ten years ago? Both feel fine.

(I can't get a new custom pair made easily as none of the ski shops in my nearest city does them. I did try the green non-custom Superfeet, but abandoned them at my osteo's recommendation as they were exacerbating a lower-back problem.)

Will my old custom footbeds - made for the Langes before the last pair of Langes! - still be OK, or should I stick to the Technica footbeds until I can get new personalised ones made?

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Simple solution. Take both pairs with you. You never know how they'll be until you ski with them. If that doesn't work have some new ones made at the resort.
Have you tried the Lange beds in the new boots? Do they fit? how do they feel?
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I would think that there a good chance that old footbeds would work. The footbed as far as I know minimizes amount of vacume space under your foot. This variable should not really change from boot to boot. Footbeds are molded when your foot is out of the boot and then trimmed to fit the liner/boot.

Like others said try them on and take both pairs with you.

Also make sure that you wear new boots at home for a few hours before hitting the slope. I do in the begining of each season. Helps with first few painfull hours in boot or during first day of a season.
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Thanx, all.

I'm "at-home"ing the boots as much as is practical - checking for hot spots, &c - and so far, so good. I've also tried them with both pairs of footbeds, and again, so far OK.

But yes, I guess the only way to know for sure is to ski in the old footbeds and see how it goes. I'll be packing both sets, then!

Thanks again - all very reassuring!

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Since you are dealing with your boots,comfort in same, and choices of possible footbed configurations, why not go back to the boot fitter, and let him help you make the best choice of what to do.
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