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Short GS Ski

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I have been skiing on the Rossi 9X 167cm Oversize (non FIS legal sidecut), for my GS races. I was thinking of upgrading to the 9X WC 175cm ski. I have talked myself out of this ($$ is one reason) because the shorter length and larger side cut gives me an advantage on tighter GS courses. Would an extra 7cm make that much difference in speed? The skis are really stiff and stable so this is not an issue.

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Are you racing USSA?
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The answer is easy. If you still have place in order to finish your turn before the gates, then you need a longer radius.
If you have probs and often need to take out speed, then the radius is too long? A 175 female race stock will probabely have around 21m radius. Decide yourself if you have the money.
Remember that to reach a gate you can drift as well in order to still make it, it shouldn't be that you need to drift to reach every gate, but if it is only for 2-3 gates you will win time.
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I will be racing USSA, but I am probably going to be at the end of the pack. Other racers said that unless you are in the top 10 the skis don't matter. I think starting on the 167's will help me transition to the longer GS courses. The GS courses in my high school were tight and I don't yet have the skills to hit the GS gates so I think starting on 167's will help. HeluvaSkier I am racing for RIT, and practacing at Bristol. Mabe I will run into you (and you can teach some stuff)!!
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Hi- I have a pair of 175 Rossi 9X's race stocks with the full VIST plate for sale at 200- used a few times but in perfect race tune and ready to go- I can send pics if you are interested. But to your question-- Going up to 175 will be a bit of a transition as the ski is heavier, stiffer and has less radius. All this will result in a more powerful ski that is often faster and more stable at higher speeds. If you are racing USSA you will need a legal sidecut anyway so you really have very little choice but to go to a 21m radius ski. At the end of the day a full on race ski will improve your racing- but it will take a few days of adjustment.
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only FIS races are mandating the 21m radius for GS skis.
As far as i know USSA allows a ski of less radius unless its a FIS sanctioned race.
Just my two cents.
good luck Racing
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Originally Posted by katabch
only FIS races are mandating the 21m radius for GS skis.
That's true for masters. Not juniors.
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I knew there was a rule there one way or the other.
thanks for clarifying, Masters not juniors.
thanks again.
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Jr's should get used to 21m sidecuts anyway whether required or not. Sooner or later they will have to move up.
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