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Salomon 10 3V SL Skis

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Does anyone know anything about the 2004 Salomon 10 3V 155cm ski? I recently scored a pair with bindings for less than $100, so it was a must have deal. Last year I raced on a pair of race stock 2003 Rossignol 9S and they were awesome (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...em=8719899116). I have read that the non race stock 3V is soft and is an OK slalom ski. Will I be let down by the 3V's compared to my 9S'?

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Don't bother with non race stock Salomons. I hate to say it but for racing they dont cut it. For carving on hardpack they are okay. Race stock Salomons are a different story.
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Well it looks like I will be racing on my Rossi's then. If though they are a couple seasons old they rock. The newer 9S's have the metal plate, but the sidecut is very similar. To bad that they don't have much edge life left and I use them as a rock ski Well the bases are very strong and going over rocks doesn't seem to hurt them.
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the 3v sl`s are great fun to ski, just bought a pair after demo them last year altough for a much higher price. consider yourself lucky.
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