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Hey Oboe!

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Had some time on my Bandits last week and this is the first chance I have had to post. What can I say....fantastic! This is a great ski, I spent a good half of the day in and out of powder and the other half in bumps and groomers.
First of all I thought the ski was very forgiving off-piste, I previously skied the X-Scream series and thought the Bandit XX was easier in the deep, probably down to extra width and length (178 in the X-Scream to 184 in the Bandit). If fat skis are so much better again in the deep stuff they must be incredible!
As far as the bumps go, again I was very impressed. I found the skis did not throw me around as much when trying to bump and I imagine this is down to the fact the tail felt quite a lot softer. My only complaint is that the ski sometimes felt a little long (I bought it however to take me into deeper terrain, hence the longer length). The skis ability in the bumps was probably the most pleasing surprise for me. I took the ski onto a variety of groomed terrain and was pleasantly surprised at how nimble it was edge to edge for quick sharp turns (for its width). The only downside I found was that it did not seem to carve a longer turn just as well as my X-Scream on somewhat icy pistes. The ski did not want to hold an edge to the same degree. I know you thought the ski had bite on the icier stuff so I wonder if it was down to a bad edge tune. I intend to re-tune and try a.s.a.p! The other thing I wished was that I had gone for a binding with a little more lift than my Rossi P100, again this would probably have helped holding an edge in the harder conditions. All in all though a very versatile ski and a pretty contented owner.
How did you find hard icy/hard snow and carving performance?
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You mentioned the ski felt a little long sometimes, what is your height/weight? Curious because I'm planning to get the same ski in 184, I'm 6'2" and 190lbs and think it will be a good length for me.
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Jkasmann, my height is 5'11'' and weight varies between 180-190 pounds. Perhaps I was misleading in my review, I did not mean the ski was too long for me, what I meant was that if I was going to be ski-ing a lot of bumps then a shorter length (I think the next length down is 177) may have been easier to move around. However, I bought the ski in the main to help me develop off-piste skills (and retain all mountain versatility) and therefore the longer length seemed a better bet.
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James-T, sounds good. I figured its a good choice for you but wanted more info to make sure its right for me. From what youve said (and most others on this forum) 184 sounds like it is the right length for me. Now ive just gotta wait until January so i can give them a try .
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For folks under 200 lbs, the XX has to be one of the best all-arounders out there. I measure in at 170 and 5'8" and love my 184's. They just seem to have the perfect balance of stability and quickness. I do have to disagree with the comment about not holding an edge on firmer/icy groomers. I have never washed out on my XX's, and compared to the X-Scream Series (187's) that I have played on from time to time, I thought the Bandits had a bit more beef in the mid body versus the Series. Before I get mistaken for Scream bashing, let me say that the Scream is a great midfat, but the XX is just a bit better. I love sking the bumps, as well, on the XX. Should a 74-mm waisted ski be that nimble? Anyhow, these are my everyday Mammoth boards, firm or fluff and I love every minute on them!

The only question remains, will there be any changes when it becomes the B-2 next year??? The XXX is getting fatter when it becomes the B-3(94-mm waist, they say), so will the XX follow suit?
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hey all I have found a smoking deal on some 184 cm bandit xx with rossi 110 bindings, I am 5'10" 190 -195 pounds level 8-9 skier, I currently have some k2 axis x pro 181cm for all mountain blasting & some 174cm mach s for skiing slow with the family & moguls as this is the only drawback to the pros, from what I have seen it looks like the bandit x or xx falls in between the axis x no metal sheet & the axis x pro titanium sheet, this would seem to me to make a very interesting compromise, I like to ski fast & a mixture on & off piste & moguls, the only problem is I can only get them in 170 cm or 184cm, the 184 would be my first choice but I was wondering if any one had any thoughts on the 177 for someone my size, I'm wondering how much better the 177cm might be in trees & moguls than the 184cm, my normal thinking is to ski as long a ski as you can efficiently ski, part of the shops telling people to go shorter is so they don't have dissapointed customers ending up with skis longer than they can manage because the sales person took the skiers word on what level skier they were, I would think most skiers could live with a ski slightly too short easier then they could with a ski slightly too long, I was thinking about the axial 120 binding but raises the price too high.

thanks bteddy
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Bteddy, I would think the XX in 177 or 184 would be great for you. You are a little heavier than me and I
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[ December 13, 2002, 07:52 AM: Message edited by: James-T ]
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Bteddy, I would think the XX in 177 or 184 would be great for you. You are a little heavier than me and as I said I am on the 184. If you are going to ski a lot of bumps then perhaps the shorter length might be more suitable. If you get the chance demo both to be on the safe side, if not I honestly do not think you could be disappointed in either.
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Hey, I GOTTA sign in on this one! My man, you speak my heart. What a truly wonderful pair of skis!

In this model more than others, length has been important to maneuverability. I'm 150 pounds and 5'8", a truly mediocre skier and I mean that sincerely. I hated the 177 and loved the 170, which I bought. After the first time out on them this year, I came home and looked at my original orgasmic response on EpicSki to the XX - and my feelings haven't changed a bit!

These skis grip BETTER than many others of narrower waist dimenson. But the two things that set them apart are VERSATILTY and - believe it - FUN! They feel great! They are MORE nimble while at the same time being MORE stable than skis of narrower or shorter dimensions - not to mention they plow through everything. This is like marrying a woman who has the the money of Gates, the brains of Einstein, the body and face of . . . . well, you choose - and she LOVES me! Why cheat?! Who needs anything more?!

Thanks for the post - and HELLO Lars!
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Originally posted by bteddy:
hey all I have found a smoking deal on some 184 cm bandit xx with rossi 110 bindings, I am 5'10" 190 -195 pounds level 8-9 skier...

I say go with the 184. The 184 has the flared tail, that makes the ski more like a 180. In my opinion, the 184 XX is silly easy to ski, yet has an incredibly high performance limit. You are just too big to get on the 177, especially when skill level is considered. Now, if you were talking an RPM 21 (the XX's meaner twin) you would be okay. Anyhow, get a XX and enjoy!
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Definitely go w/ the 184's. 170, as mentioned above, is likely too short. I have the 184's, & find them to be an awesome all-around ski. I also have some 193 X-Screams. I have not noticed any problem w/ either of the skis holding on hardpack & ice. Since I ski mostly in the NE, I get plenty of exposure to both.

One word of caution, though. Lock them up. Someone has tried to steal mine twice already. Once late last season (Okemo), and once this year (Stratton).

Enjoy the XX. They are your friends! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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