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Homemade Ski Leash $4

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I just got done making some ski leashes and it was cheap and easy, so I thought I'd share. I used some snaphooks from Home Depot, same size and function as the G3 Metal Ski Leash. They were $1.97 each, and some Braided Dacron/Spectra T.U.F. Line 80 lb test that was $6.99/100yds and rust proof light, and difficult to cut, so a few cents for the 10 feet I got. About four dollars later, I had what I need. Use a Palomar knot on the snap hook side, and a bowline knot to make the loop for the binding side, and attach to the binding with a "lark's head" knot (the one we usually use to attach the cable style leashes. It is important to use these knots because braided lines do not hold all knots well due to low friction. Here is a link for the knots. http://www.thejump.net/fishing-knots/fishing-knots.htm

This is an experiment in cheapskating(free heeling haha), and I plan on skiing this setup all winter, so I will keep you all posted.

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A friend of mine uses a length of blaze tape tied to each binding (a roll of orange blaze tape costs less than a dollar).
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Blaze Tape??? Is that for a streamer effect? These are for restraint of runaways(resorts require positive retention) For a streamer, though that would definitely do the trick!

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No, these aren't to restrain the skis. I guess they're just powder leashes, for finding your skis.
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Home made.

Funny, I just made a pair of restraining straps of my own. I picked up a pair of stainless steel snap-hooks with rectangular strap attachment thing-a-ma-jigs for $3 Then I took a nylon strap for a camera, cut it to size and fitted it to the binding slots. That didn't cost me anything. A few stitches and I have covered this thoroughly ridiculous requirement of the lift attendants.
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I'm very much in favor of any requirements for skis to remain either attached to the skier, or to have some other mechanism (like brakes) to keep the ski (s) from becoming runaways. I saw a tele ski fly over 100 yards downhill once and that isn't just a safety issue for anyone in the way. The skier in question had to post hole that 100 yards to retrieve it. Imagine terrain (like a cliff band) that could have prevented him from finding his ski at all, or the ski being buried in deep snow. I'm not an advocate of leashes. I think they are dangerous, especially in an avalanche scenario, but at least they are only dangerous to the person wearing them. Skiing without leashes or at least some type of ski retrieval device in the back country is asking for trouble imho.


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