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Gear Advice for Dad with two small kids

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I am looking for ski gear for myself since my two kids (8 and 5) will be taking up skiing this year. My wife is a good skier, and I used to snowboard alot 15 years ago... We will be skiing mainly on gentle slopes, groomed/packed snow in Nova Scotia, and I will be spending a significant amount of time on the slopes with my kids who are just beginning. I have limited skiing experience a long time ago. I play hockey and (as I said) used to snowboard a fair bit. I would imagine I need an advanced beginner/intermediate ski, not too long so I can easily work with the kids. I require advice on equipment - what to buy, should I buy some of it on ebay, etc... I have noted that boots should likely be bought in a store and be well-fitted (I have a 4E wide foot). Price range...I would think $500-$700 would be a nice target - but let me know if I'm way off. (And I'm 6'2'' and 185 lbs).
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Darren
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By "work with the kids", I hope you don't intend to teach them to ski. Do NOT have great expectations regarding kids on the first outings .... emphasis should be on fun .... not work .... ouch .... you hit a nerve. DO get them lessons. Make sure you call early to sign them up for a day or two in a "Ski Wee" program. Take a "hands off" approach .... they will be passing you before you know it.

Big question ...... How much will you (or intend to), ski?

There are a few threads on kids gear and the pro and con of purchase. I wing the short version:

1. Check with the ski shops around you for a seasonal rental package for the kids. Usually not too much $$, comes with a few options regarding the gear (quality) and assures that your kids will be on skis and IN boots that are in their league.

2. Check with the local shops and have them fit with the upper end rental gear ...

The above two keep you out of waiting lines in the rental shop where they are likley to end up in wet boots and skis without wax.

Kids grow fast and you will probably loose the money in a short time and then have the hassle of trying to resell. With the season rental they get fit each year .... and many make adjustments in between at no cost.

Most "swaps" and tent sales are over by now.

Try the search feature too ... there are a bunch of threads on this in the past few months.
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You'll pick it up very fast. Boarding and ice hockey skating transfer very well indeed to skiing. You'll want do-everything skis in a short length, so I'd go for a midfat if I were you. That way you get more surface area to float/move you around, without having to go for length. With the shorter skis, you can manouvre round your kids easier... and they're more user-friendly for your ski improvement goals.
The 5 year old won't be rampaging down the blues too soon, so don't expect to be doing big-mountain skiing with them this trip.

For skis, go read some gear reviews online (the mags put them out every year) and try to find the dialled-down midfats. When you have an idea of the models you want, go shopping. However, you'll get much better prices on older models, this'll take more research but it could be worth it.

For the boots, get recommendations (here) for a shop near where you ski. They might have some of last year's boots in a wide fit that'd suit you for less $$ than the current ones.
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Good advice given above on children's equipment.

Boots you have it right, go for fit & buy local binding service.

For the price, getting a ski model, used or not, a couple years old off eBay is the best deal. However, this works only if you can recognize the age of older models. Perhaps you have a friend that could help out here.

It sounds like you are going to be on east coast, firmer snow. There's a general feeling these days that you'll sink like a stone into some dark hell without a wider ski. I think any width works on packed hills [in fact I've often skied a 63 mm waist in new snow and lived so skis are not as specialized as they might appear] so you have almost unlimited choices. However consider whether an intermediate-or-above performance ski in the shorter end of the range might have a "skaty" feel that you would like.
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When I'm working on groomed slopes with kids I like a slalom shape and size. Sounds like you could go 165-170cm in length. I enjoy skiing the Atomic SL9. In the past its been easy to find new SL9s on ebay from the previous seasons for quite a discount.

I taught my kids using PMTS and I started them at ages 5 and 8. This method works great if you have patience and are willing to invest some time in reading the books and watching DVDs. Basically you learn how to do it and transfer that knowledge to the kids. The books go through the learning process step by step so its easy to follow along (there are even little tear out cards you bring to the slope to guide you). If you don't want to teach the kids yourself see if you have a good direct-to-parallel teaching program on your mountain.

We rented for a while but I finally got tired of dealing with subpar rental gear and purchased gear for them. With the three year age spread I was able to move gear from my oldest to the youngest and it has worked great (now starting our 5th season).
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I found that Dolomites fit wide feet very well. I also have tried the Salomon Wave series; These are among the widest boots available and provide great performance also. Try before you buy and work with a good bootfitter. The FAQ tread at the top of this Forum will provide more info on boot fitting.


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The Atomic B series is also supposed to be good for wide feet.
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this is based on 20 yrs exp with kids...i have boys 1 20yr old and 1 16 yr old....Get rid of the kids and get 2 dogs...leave dogs home and go skiing/boarding...there ya go
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I'm soaking in all your advice...thanks for the help. I'm looking on ebay for skis as we speak - and the teaching your kids methodology is certainly worth investigating. As for trading the kids with a couple of nice dogs - interesting philosophy. Give me a few years 'til the kids hit their teens and ask me again then...

I will post what deal I find.


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