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PSIA D-Team & Sports Diamond (tm)

I got a note from Katie Fry over the weekend about what the PSIA D-Team worked on at Team Training this month. It seems they're using the Sports Diamond (tm) too!
The consistent theme for these teams is Leadership—how can we continue to grow as teams and individuals to better serve the members? Last year we took a look at the Sports Diamond TM as a model to work the on-snow clinic environment—if your clinic is going great, how can it be recreated? And if it is not going well, how can a shift get things back on line?
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I saw that too. It made me come here and start reading this thread, and to download the free chapters of Weems' book. I haven't had a chance to read them yet though.
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Katie and the people on her teams (both in Aspen/Snowmass and in PSIA) naturally and intuitively embody the principals of both the Sports and Leadership Diamonds as well as any individuals and groups I've met. It's so much fun working with these people, because all we do is reframe and strategize what they already know and do. I think you will find the same qualities in the coaches at ESA

Many of you will also find the same understanding when you work with the material.

The only advice (or caution) is to realize that, since these are organic models, they tend to be both simple and complex at the same time (both clear and flexible). This makes it easy to either underestimate or overestimate their value at any one time. For me, I use it all as background structure--to help me know where I am, to help me understand the distinctions, to help me organize my experience, and most importantly to help me move ahead.

By the way, check for a picture of the leadership work of Dr. Koestenbaum. You can even do a self survey which you might find enlightening.
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In reading LM's post about weems' time with her, and then coming back to this thread, I think I realized a real strength of the Diamond. It is much easier to move towards an area of focus than away from one. Therefore, if I am getting paralyzed by analysis, it is easy to refocus on another area (in the Diamond, for example, Touch) than it is to convince myself to "stop thinking about my edging!" The Diamond provides a framework for helping to guide my thinking away from the areas that are holding me back by guiding me towards areas that will open up new opportunities for experience and thus learning.

Very cool...
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Is the whole book available yet?
In Rob Sogard's recent mailout, the Diamond was mentioned, so I guess it won't remain just "ours" for very long.
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Not quite, Ant. We're still working on some photo and design issues. The epicski portal will always be available to "our gang", and I'll always have a better price for y'all. I fear we're going to get into December before it's done.

Yes, I did work with the demo teams (last season) and, of course, our school in Aspen for a few years. You guys were the first mix of skiing public and pros that I've sent this out to.

And I'm really gratified by the discussions, questions, and challenges I've been getting. It's been a really fun project. And, our dear LisaMarie has been so helpful getting the word out!

I'm also going to have a PSIA portal for the book (it's already up), because I want the pros to have the cheaper price. My contributory hope is that it will help athletes and pros create better stuff. My selfish hope is that you all will share it with the public so I can make some of the investment back. I've spent a bit on it, and we're now living under a bridge with my poor starving kids and using viscuine for walls. Actually, I'm hoping to earn enough to by a bigger motorcycle.
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A marketing idea! For the books you flog cheap to instructors, include some perforated cards or loose cards or something, with ordering info on, to give to guests who seem interested!
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Wow. Perfect. We'll look into that. The books are going to be an "on demand" type of printing from an internet outfit.

They can print, send, and bill for any number at any time. We'd have to look at the cost of perforated pages. I'm not sure they could do the inserts at all. But I'll definitely look into it.

We're really working on ways to keep the costs down on the hardcopy--a savings to pass on to the reader. The cheapest thing for everyone is just to buy the ebook online. Also the ebook has really high quality color. The next level will be a hardcopy that will not be very expensive, but the color in the photos goes away. The next level will be the copy with the color photos. These will sell for a hefty amount.

Again, it's all about production cost. And I'm pretty determined to do this in a way that will give people opportunity to get it at a reasonable price--which is different for different people.
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Just remember that your book is one of the best business cards you'll have.

Although I like your current business card is pretty cool, too!
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Originally Posted by freeskinow View Post
Having a brilliant day is like having an 'attitude of graditude'.

Stop living the problem and ski the solution. The more I focus on the defects of my skiing - they grow and multiply. When I focus on what's good about my skiing it will grow and expand. When I focus on the problem the problem increases, when I focus on the answer the answer increases.

My happiness on the mountain (and other places too) is inversley proportional to my expectations. The higher my expectations the lower my happiness.
Hey freeskinow! I am amazed to see this formula for happiness here. I have used that as a philosophy for years. Did you know it comes from Alfred Korzibski's book " Science and Sanity"? The formula is H=M/E.
Korzibski was a polish count and a mathemetician who wrote his great opus in 1933, but you probably know that.
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Yes, but the man's name is spelled Korszybski. He was the fellow who famously said: "The map is not the territory." I didn't know he was a mathematician. Of him it was written: "A.H.S. Korszybski, a self-styled philosopher and dabbler in linguistics who is describable, most kindly, as eccentric..."
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So, what's H=M/E expand to?
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Originally Posted by ssh View Post
So, what's H=M/E expand to?
well, as freeskinow said, "happiness varies inversely proportional to my expectations", ergo: H=m/e where H stands for happiness, m for motivation, e for expectation. H equals m over e, so if you are highly motivated and do not have great expectations, you will have a higher happiness quotient.

It is only a silly algebraic formula, but if you think about it, it makes sense.

Sorry for having misspelled Korzybki. Somone borrowed my copy of Science and Sanity many years ago and I never got it back. Anyway, I'm afraid I've gotten this thread off topic and I apologize for it.
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Weems, I gave a copy of your book to each of my sisters for Christmas. My baby sister has always loved skiing, and though she is passionate about skiing, she approaches it a bit more casually than I do. My big sister has always been tentative, and really only skis because she loves spending time with the family and we all ski.
Believe it or not, it was my big sister who was most excited to get your book. She really gets the diamond and thinks this is a great concept.
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Thanks TC. I'm pleased that she likes it!
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I know I liked the book. Not really my style, but having skied with Weems (and Ssh. Great day, by the way.), I see where he's coming from and there is a TON of valuable information inside. I've always believed that your day is dictated by how you percieve it, and this book allows for that. I'm not sure I've ever "held polarity" in my personal skiing, but I'm intrigued by the idea and if Weems is doing it when HE skis, I'd like to do the same! Very smooth and very precise.

(I'm a huge fan of the Leon Littlebird quote about how convoluted we can sound to a customer. The focus on being concise and keeping things simple is invaluable!)

The book is DEFINITELY worth a read, whether you are: 1) Purely atheletic, 2) A "Tech-Head", or 3) a fresh "up-and-comer" with regards to ski technique and/or teaching.

Great job Weems.

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