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ski pants

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Any thoughts/suggestions for a new pair of ski pants? Thanks
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Two questions:
1. Where are you using them? (and no, I don't want you to reply with "on my legs")
i.e If it's for low temps - e.g. high Rockies, then waterproofness (if that's a word) is not as important as e.g. in Andorra, where you might want to sunbathe on the grassy slopes between the rain in a bad season, or in Scotland, where you can get blown up the slopes in driving rain.
2. How much do you want to spend?

I have 2 pairs I use:
1. Phoenix Black Diamond Gortex from about 4 years ago (cost around $200). They're great in the wet.
2. Tenson MPC from last year (cost around $150). Ideal for cold conditions, very windproof, and good waterproof.

I'm not sure if either of these brands are available in the US (they are British and Swedish respectively), but they are excellent. another one to look at is Fusalp (French brand).
I chose Tenson over Fusalp last year because of comfort and fit, which if you're buying ski gear is very important, unless you are a logo skier, in which case I'm sure Tommy H or DKNY have something in the right colour!

BTW Over here many people talk about Gore-tex being the best. There are other similar products on the market that cost less.
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I'm a huge fan of Helly Hanson. Waterproof!!! Well made, and stand behind their guarantees.
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I have come to the conclusion that GoreTex is neither waterproof, nor breathable (though it is a lot closer to waterproof, than breathable -- GoreTex has all the breathability of a plastic garbage bag).

If you spend a lot of time skiing in warmer climates, than you should look into pants made out of Schoeller. HIGHLY breathable, plus wind/water resistant. They have a far greater comfortable temperature range than anything else on the market, while still providing reasonable water repellency (fine for snow, but not for a downpour of rain). It is also an extremely durable fabric. Versions of Schoeller pants are made by Marmmot, Cloudveil, Black Diamond, and MEC.
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Columbia Ballistic Pants $160.00
Just as the name implies they are pretty bomb-proof.

A couple years ago I switched from my old fav brand Patagonia, i was really impressed with the fit and performance and now wear that Columbia stuff all the time.
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Whatever you do, don't buy the pants at a ski shop, you'll get murdered in price. You can usually find great deals at discount department stores, or off-price sporting good stores. You'll spend up to 50% less. The selection isn't as good, of course.

For myself, I try to avoid paying $400 for an Arcteryx pant shell, when Columbia does just as well for $50.
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The new Spyder pants!

I am not sure if they are new this year or not but they are definately new to me! They are not cheap but they are the most comfortable pants that I have ever put on! They are slightly stretchy so they move with you rather than being restrictive (they are like warmup pants..... not tight pants!)

They are awesome.....awesome......awesome!
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i'm gonna have to agree with fanluvs2ski [img]smile.gif[/img]
Spyder pants have been, by far, the most comfortable pair of ski pants i've worn. The form fitting design with the natural kink around the knee area and being slightly stretchy...good good good [img]smile.gif[/img] About $200-$250ish if i recall correctly.

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blue stretch, white snowflakes on the knees. winner. come on, DO IT.
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I think black in the boot stirrup type pants will work with most coloured jackets. A timeless classic. Accent with gaitors to match jacket.
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Insulated cotton-duck overalls from wal-mart.
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Nakona - Man, you are so down market.

Carhartt bibs. The only way to go.
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Get a rugged pair of Carhartts.
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Spyder,any of the upper end,they run small(unlike the jackets) so try them on. Lifetime gaureentee and you can and should throw them in the washing machine
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by michaelHunt:
Get a rugged pair of Carhartts.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

And pay the extra money for the fancy brand name?

No Thanks.

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Ski pants with open/close mesh vents on the sides work better for me than goretex (cheaper too).

on the warmer days I wear me dancin' trousers (Plenty of ball room).

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check out sierratradingpost.com, their last catalog had a ton of ski pants.
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