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Related topic: Snowblowers

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Because you need to get out of the driveway to get to the mountain... Anyway with our local snow removers heading towards $50 a visit (Boston suburbs) it's time to do the work ourselves. So anyone have a good recommendation for a real, heavy-duty, Northeast snowstorm level snowblower that will clear our 50' uphill driveway? A few people have recommended husqvarna. Like skis, asking this question seems to get people on one side of a brand or another. Given that these cost $1000, it needs to be worth the money and last.
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I have a John Deere 522 two stage (5hp 22"), it is just barely adequate to do the drive and parking area .... about 90 feet long. When the snow is a bit on the heavy side it often requires two passes. It's a wide drive with a slight incline and it's a pain in that ass going uphill (it does have powered drive wheels).

I'd opt for more power and bigger wheels and you will probably need chains if the drive is anything more than slightly uphill.

I'd put my money into better quality AND power since you are in it for the long term.
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I used to fix these things for a living while in college. I developed a rule of thumb for the northeast and that was 8 HP minimum 2 stage. Width should be proportional to power. More HP = wider swath.

My own dad did not take my advice at first. He bought a Sears 5HP 22 inch 2 stage and struggled with a wide 90 foot long drive that took two passes when the snow was heavy! Very much like Yuki's story.

I now have that one and dad now has a Ariens 10 HP that just flat moves some snow! I don't remember how wide it is but it is very adequate for clearing his drive.

You can't go wrong with names like Ariens, John Deere and others. My inherited Sears is now about 10 years old and still runs quite well.
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have a 150 ft long driveway here on thest lawrence river and have used a 7 hp 2stage Ariens for 30 yrs !!! Only normal maintenence annual engine & gear oil changes, & plug changes . Grease the zerk fittings once a yr and about every 10 yrs replaced the muffler . I've only replaced the belts once in 30 yrs . Ido all this myself and i'm not handy

this sucker starts on the first pull after 30 yrs its woth everything you pay for it
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I have a Honda snowblower with tracks instead of wheels. Its about the only blower on the block that will handle a big dump of heavy wet snow. The thing I really like about it the most is its engine runs very cleanly. If you're going to stand behind a snowblower for any length of time the last thing you want is to be breathing in fumes.
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As always I can count on this board to provide useful information! I definately agree on the power thing and given that this is a many year investment I am not gonna cheap out -- especially given that I'm the one who's going to be out there pushing it up and back. I have heard consistently good things about ariens among others. Thanks again to all.
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