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Bandit Bindings

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Thanks for the replies Lars and co to the Q I posted below on Bandit XX length. Just curious as to what bindings you guys are using on your bandits.
I have almost always stuck with salomon bindings but it has been suggested to me I try the Rossi pivot bindings with some sort of riser. Any of you Bandit fans have experience here? Thanks again!
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James, Sollies are good bindings. I've been using Rossi Axial 120's on my Vipers and have gone with the 120 on my new Bandits. Din goes up to 12. If you don't need such a high din, go for the 100. They got some great color matches for their skis. Colors aren't important but I like to match binding and ski colors because the resale value is higher if the combo is more attractive.
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I've used Salomon & Markers for years. My last two binding purchases were a pair of T-Plate Axial 120s I put on a two year old pair of Mountain Viper X 10.2s & a pair of Axial 140 Race I put on a pair of this year's Power-T Viper Xs. The chart says my DIN should be 8.5 but the 120s are set at 7.5 & the 140s at 7 & I've never experienced a premature release (something I can't say about my Marker 9.1s set at 8.5).

I am impressed with the Rossi bindings and would go with them if for no other reason than to increase the warrantee on your skis. Your biggest issue with the Bandit will be do you want a T-Plate version or not. The T-Plate gives you more rise & does a good job absorbing vibration. It does stiffen the ski in the middle affecting its flex which some people don't want.

If you don't go with a T-Plate binding you might want to look at what other risers are available for the normal Axial. The straight Axial toe is 4 mm lower than the heel creating a forward lean. On my T-Power Vipers the shop put in a riser on the toe to balance out the toe & heel. There are other risers available from Rossi if you want more height.
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I have Marker 9.1 SC mounted on both my Bandit XX and Volkl G40. Haven't had the prerelease problems Lars has refered to in other threads. I do feel (psychosomatic?) a difference between the settings.
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I have a two pair of Rossi 120's mounted to both a pair of Volkl G4's and a pair of Salomon 1080's. I have been greatly impressed by their performance. To me, a binding should be invisible, you should not know it is there, that is how I judge if it is doing its job. The binding has never prereleased, yet releases when it should (very smoothly I should add). It has outperformed any of the Salomon and Marker bindings that I have had in the past. Both bindings have the T-plate under them. If I were to do it again, I'd toss the plate off the twin-tips but keep it on the Volkl's. I'll buy Rossi or Look binding from now on.
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My Bandits and my Fischer Alltrax 74s both have the Rossi turntable binders and as Altaskier says they seem to be invisible yet do their job very well. No prereleases.
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Thanks for all the help/info everyone. Lars, do you use the T-plate version of the binding or not?
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