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More Loveland Ski Reviews

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Continuing from the same demo day SSH and Noodler attended: 6-9 inches of powder (quickly skied off), bumps, crud, slick spots, a few groomed patches.

I was looking to test some high-end Colorado everyday skis appropriate for me: ski waist between about 68 to 74, length of all skis about 170. My background: Copper instructor, skiing since 1990, weight 160. Impressions:

Fischer RX-9 (119-69-106): Smooth, dynamic, always there, very user friendly, no surprises. Could do all turn shapes in all terrain comfortably.

Nordica Hot Rod Eliminator (119-74-104): Similar impression to the Fischer. Wider ski, but very user friendly in all terrain.

Nordica Hot Rod Modified (119-74-104): Same ski as Eliminator but with metal added. Probably would have been superior at speed on hardpack, but too stiff and too much work for my taste in the conditions of the day. Someone heavier or who likes to use more muscle when skiing would probably love it.

Volkl AC3 (116-74-102): Similar impression to the Eliminator. Very user friendly in all terrain. Perhaps a bit less dynamic. Would like to demo them back to back on hardpack.

Volkl Allstar (116-70-101): Excellent, powerful ski. A bit stiff for the conditions, but handled them beautifully. Would be even better on hardpack. A bit more work than the Eliminator; you have to be on it all the time, but a terrific high-performance ski. Looks like the old 6-star, but is wider and skis better and is a much more versatile ski in my opinion.

Also tried a few wider skis...

K2 Apache Recon (119-78-105): Damp, solid without being heavy or stiff. OK on the groomed, but really shines in softer, deeper snow up to about 18 inches. Not super lively, but very smooth and confidence inspiring.

Dynastar Legend 8000s (116-79-102): Skies the same conditions well as the K2, but with a livelier, more dynamic feel. A bit better carving on the groomed. Very nice ski.

Head IM77 (119-77-104): Tested a few days prior. More demanding than the other two. Perhaps better suited to a heavier skier. Solid as a rock, but too much work for my taste. More of a race-ski feel.

And wider still...

Volkl Mantra (130-94-113): Very responsive for such a wide ski. Not heavy or stiff, but handled the conditions well. Not sure if it is powerful enough for heavy, Sierra cement, but would probably thrive in Colorado or Utah powder.

Rosignol B3 (120-83-110): Sometimes, things just don't work out. The magazines loved this ski and I couldn't wait to get off it. Never could find a swet spot. It felt like we were fighting each other all the way down the hill. Oh, well, different strokes...
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Good reviews Mike. Thanks.
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The Dynastar Legends seem to be pretty popular in both the male and female models. I just got Madbee hooked to the Exclusive Legends!
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Good skis from what I hear!
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