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ski identification quiz

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Is it a two-year old World Cup i.XRC and thus maybe not a bad buy, or an 1100 XRC, or a gray market 300XRC trying to get too much on ebay?
(Yes I have ski-buying fever. These are 445+tax on ebay, and Wildthangs are 800 in the shop.)
Is there a heck of a lot of difference between the 03-04 model and the 05-06s?
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Looks like the 03-04 XRC

This looks like the original 03-04 XRC (excellent ski), dimensions of 110/64/97. Construction was similar to the XRC SW/RD of the following years (they changed the sidecut to 113/67/99).

The presence of the CP13 carve plate eliminates the likelihood of it being a "mere" XRC1100 or less, since they put that plate on their higher end carving skis.

However, I don't know that $445 is that good a price. I thought I had seen prices less than half of that (but maybe that was for long lengths or used or something).

An observation. The Wild Thang is a women specific ski, this XRC isn't??
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Those or canadian dollars. I'm not totally sold on the woman's specific skis; I could mount the bindings forward to adjust for CofM, and "lightness" is not an admired trait. Requirements are high-speed stability and forgiveness, two qualities that seldom go hand in hand, but both of the above skis get those reviews from real skiers.
The ebay seller just listed it as an 04 i.xrc and the pic seems to be off-colour. He doesn't reply to questions. The one negative feedback in the last month was a buyer who complained about unclear descriptions and the reply was that the customer wanted a free upgrade to a higher level product. The saga continues....
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That looks like the original '04 i.XRC. You can tell from the topsheet graphics (similar to the 05 cap XRC 1100, but lacks the "1100" and the intelligence markings are different).
Just as a note, while the dimensions are different, the '04 XRC is closer in construction to the '05 i.XRC 1100 cap, not the SW. The SW (1200 for 06) is a laminate sidewall construction, while the '04 XRC and '05 1100 cap are both cap construction. You can also get the CP13 on the 05/06 1100, but the standard option is the Railflex.
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