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Bump ski length

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I need some suggestions please. I am 5'10", 175, advanced skier who loves the bumps, trees and bumps in the trees all day long. I currently have the volkl 724 pro's 177cm. They seem heavy and cumbersome in the bumps and trees (they are great on the rest of the mountain however!) I am looking at the volkl karma's, or the PE's (any other suggestions?) As far as length is concerned, again, I only ski a groomer to get to the woods or the bumps. I need something nimble. I am considering going to 170cm or less. Am I trying to fix my non-nimble ski(724) with a shorter ski? Or is the proper ski in the same length going to make me happy again? Whattdya think???:
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I would not go less than 170. If you are a good bump skier, or aspiring to be one, you should probably stick around 180. I'm about your size (5'11" 160-170lbs) and have been on 180's for the last 10 years. First Hart F17's, and now Dynastar Candide's.

If you are skiing competition style, sliding, absorbing, sliding absorbing, then a longer ski will be better. The longer ski is actually easier to balance on. There is more tip and tail so that you can lean farther forward into the bump without feeling like your gonna go over the tips. The longer tail will also help if you get pushed onto your heels for a second. If you like to turn through each bump (actually carve) then go shorter.

If bumps is the only thing you are skiing then I would go for a skinnier ski than the Karma or PE. They are both aimed more at all mountain type stuff. Most companies make bump specific skis which suck on just about everything else, but most skinier twin tips work well in the bumps also.
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Very nice. Hmmm. that gives me something to think about. I guess I don't look like Jeremy Bloom going down the line, but if I am on the ball I guess I go as straight down as possible. I can see your point about having less of a shovel. How about the dragon slayer? And will these "unshaped skis" perform off-piste at all?
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How about the Bandit xx's in 177?
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Originally Posted by djltheroc
How about the dragon slayer? And will these "unshaped skis" perform off-piste at all?
Performance of a full mogul ski outside of moguls is simply laughable. They perform like straight skis.... well because they are. Like mvppsu I abandoned F17's and Winterheats for a pair of Candides. My Candides are pretty much pooped out though. I would pay the same price I paid in 2001 for new pair if I could find one.

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Any other minimal sidcut skis to recommend?
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Volkl V-Pro
K2 Enemy
1st Gen K2 PE
Dynastar Concept{careful if you ski hard really soft tails}
Volkl Dogen{ might be too soft as well}
earlier Teneighty's { some really enjoy thease as bump skis}
Rossi Pow Airs
Rossi Scratch/FS
Line Mavrick
K2 Killer Bee 178
K2 El camino/ Kreitler/ Four {surprisingly good bump ski}
Volk V Expression 178
Kneissl FLY 177{ great bump ski}
Early Atomic Tweak

Bump skis
K2 Mamba, power mamba,Lava Lamp, Outlaw, Cabrawler
Salomon Super Force 9 3s, teneighty mogul, mogul Lab
Fischer Lunar
Dynastar Twister, Assult, Assult Superior
Rossi 9m, mogul, scratch mogul
Volkl Dragon Slayer, Straight line, P40 SL no metal
Head Mad trix mogul, Super Mogul
Hart, F17

All I can think of right now!!!
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narrow it down

Ok. So here we go. I think I would rather have the ski that will give what I tell it to. does that rule out all the sensorwood volkls?

Also, Can you narrow down the list of skis that I can use both in the bumps and will also ski other parts of the mountain reasonably well? Thanks!
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I think you may be going down the wrong path looking for a minimal sidecut ski. It really shouldn't be necessary to head in that direction to get a good performing mogul ski that will still perform well all-mountain. Can you give us a better description of what style of a mogul skier you are and what your ability level is? For example, do you generally just rip the zipper line using lots of shock absorption (knees to the chest) or do you "feather" your turns more to check your speed? Can you run a complete pitch of moguls without choosing a line first or do you try to plan your run?
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Good questions! I can't say that I rock down the bumps like Jeremy Bloom. Probably closer to the "feather and check". nice and smooth down the field-Hopefully! 50/50 on choosing the line. The later in the ski season the less picking and choosing just doing!
I like to ski where not alot of others do. We like to get the most out of every run. Whether that is through the trees, bumps, bowls, neat little single tracks etc...
I don't really want to spend too much time on groomers- boring for me. If we are on the groomers, I go to the edges and like to do short, quick turns in the crud that may be there and hopefully pick up a few tree dodgers.
I would consider myself advanced to expert depending who I am skiing with!
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I'm 6'1, 180 lb, and I just bought some 185cm Dynastar Assault's ('02 model) off of ebay for $119. I ski at Killington most of the time, so I figured I should sack up and ski bumps more often. I personally can't stand skiing bumps on a deep sidecut ski, they are typically too heavy for their length and hooky because of the sidecut. I grew up skiing bumps on 197's and 203's....I had 190 7m's when I weighed 125 lb....there's no way these 185 assaults are going to be too long.

I'd say about 20% of the people I ski with are on a pure bump ski as their all around ski, and they do the same type of skiing you describe. Moguls, trees (tracked out, not powder), and steeps. If you don't do much or any groomed snow carving, you *should* be on a straight ski, and probably a dedicated bump ski, probably a 180cm. At that length, it's still going to be very quick and manuverable compared to the Pro's, but the length will give you the stable platform you need.
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What length bump ski are guys like Bloom and Travis Meyer skiing?
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Originally Posted by roundturns
What length bump ski are guys like Bloom and Travis Meyer skiing?
180 cm

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