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Review: Walk-EZ

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Today at Loveland, Walk-EZ made available early versions of their new Revolutions, a device that fits on ski boot soles for walking. The soles of the device are high-traction and curved, so that users eliminate the ka-thump, ka-thump walk typical of ski boots. The claim is that they help you walk upright and naturally.

I used a demo pair during a lunch break, and a couple of friends used them as well. I found them to be very comfortable, and to indeed change the way that I walked in ski boots. Now, 35 seasons in ski boots is a lot of habit, so some of it was a bit disconcerting, but I could tell that there was less strain as a result of using them. Also, since they cover the sole of the boot, they serve the same functions as the Cat Tracks that many of us use.

They will be available in two versions, as I understand it, one with an integrated lock. More stuff on their web site if you're interested. From my perspective, this is a very interesting and useful product to help with one of the most annoying (and energy-sapping) aspects of skiing.
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...except how the heck do you carry those large things when you're skiing?
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Look at the site again - it shows you.
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The version with the lock, it is suggested, you could just lock to a rack.

But, you're right... that's the drawback. I think a pack or uniform parka would work fine (they do fold up a bit--each one to about the size of a pair of Cat Tracks). I don't think I would use the attachment on my boots!
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I wonder how well they work on ski/walk mode boots, whether this might reignite interest in them.
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I'm not sure I follow your point, comprex... I doubt that ski/walk boots will ever be reignited...
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Originally Posted by ssh
I'm not sure I follow your point, comprex... I doubt that ski/walk boots will ever be reignited...
I was trying to imagine a set of users who might not be disconcerted, & also whether the rockered sole might not actually emphasize the effect of forward lean on walking (by allowing the foot to pivot onto the toe instead of stopping at flat).

As to re-ignition, consider that the combination of Walk EZ, ski/walk boots and cold resort plastic might tempt some into home buckling.

( I was also just after playing with a set of Daleboots that had the walking lug inserts)
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I swear by Cat Tracks, and wouldn't want anything bigger than that to fit in my fanny pack. Who cares about klumping when you walk?
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