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What about the volkl karmas?

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I am an advanced skiier who loves the bumps, trees and bumps in trees! I am 5'10 175. I currently on the all mountain volkl 724 pros (177). I don't really like to scream down the groomers. Actually, I am only on the groomers to get to another bump run. Are these the skis for me? Thanks!

Any for sale??
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is a great ski I skied them for half a season last year.{ I am 5"8 170 They are nice on groomers, decent for bumps, and float fairly well and obviously good in the park {do almost everything well}
However I did not like the feel of the ski {IMO the 177 felt really short} It turns well however it does not like to be worked{you get what it gives you} Its doable as a bump ski but gets jetted easily if your not on your A game. For my weight/height and skiing style I liked the 06 179 Public Enemy. For a fairly wide mid fat {85mm} this ski kills it in the bumps. The PE does not have the pop or rebound of the Karma, however this is what made the PE IMO feel better{ easier to direct and more predictible} at agressive high speed bump skiing. The PE was clearly a better ski for my skiing style. I tend to like fairly damp skis that only give back what you put in and the PE is defintily a drivers ski that needs to be worked to perform.
So it all comes down to style. So if you want pop and rebound go Karma! If you want if you want damp and predictible ski that only gives back what you put in go PE!
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Hmmm. good stuff. Any ideas about a straighter ski that would still hold me up off piste? Perhaps I want something that is not going to happen without owning more than one ski! I will check on the PE's. The have almost the same sidcut as the karmas. But it is good to get your ride review. on You are skiing on 179's? how about the dragon slayer?
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If your not doing mogul comps or coaching those who are doing Ability level + comps. I would not recomend a Dragon Slayer as the ski of choice{they are amazing for what the were designed to do} However you will feel like you have limited versitilty everywhere else. Have you thought about picking up an older twin tip such as a Dynastar Candide, K2 Enemy, Rossi Pow Airs, ETC. You can find some of thease skis nearly new on Ebay/gear swaps for arround or under $100! I actually have a pair of old 178 K2 El Camino's that are awsome bump specific skis and I see decent pairs go for $20 all the time. Another somewhat cheap {$150 to $300} option would be 1st Gen PE 80mm and or V-Pros 83mm or Trouble Makers even heard Fischer Big Stix 80s are good bump skis However if you want that one quiver "bumpable ski" you cannot go wrong with the new PE or Karma {depending on what you like}
For me the 06 179 PE does it all really well/ groomers,pow/crud,bumps and park. One option would be a "new" older twin tip {Candide or Enemy} for cheap and than pick up somthing else to round out your quiver, Beware of Dynastar Concepts the tails are soft if you weigh beyond 150 and bump hard don't go there!{ Candide is same ski with the Assult Superior WC mogul ski flex and construction}
Honestly, last year I had a 180 K2 Lava Lamp and a 175 Dynastar Twister and even on days I planed on just running moguls I took the PE!
I have a large quiver of all types of skis from 108mm fat skis to race stock SL and GS to modern SL shaped short all mountains, my go to ski is the PE.
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Very nice. Great info! Thanks for adding into my other thread as well.
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