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so ok, slalom skis on the world cup are going at about 155-165, gs from 185-195, but what about the speed events? i know they have radii limits (super g-33m, downhill 40m), but what are they looking like dimenion and length-wise? what about construction? have the changed radically, or are racers still holding on to that one "fast" pair from 3 years ago?
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Speed event skis are still the same as 10 years (or older) ago. A fast pair of DH skis will be rebuilt as long as the base stays untouched. Top sheet delaminated skis will be sent back to the factory and be reglued. It is not uncommon for a ski to have the top sheet replaced a half dozen times to match current graphics.
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b.r.- is that the same for super g too? i too would be rather superstitious if i were doing 80 mph down an icy slope. don't blame them.
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Yup. Same for Super G.
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