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heated ski boot bag

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While in Utah I saw a ski boot bag that was heated. The guy explained that it was not only nice to put your foot into a warm boot but that it made the plastice shell softer and more flexible allowing easier entry. Sadly that is the only heated bag I have ever seen. I found this online but does anyone have experiance they can share about these bags?
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Nice incubator for some monster stinky bugs. Better hope they're all anaerobic.
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It really sucks when you get to the ski hill in -20F weather and take 20 minutes to force your foot into the boot, while alternately warming them up with the car heater because your boots were in the back of the wagon and are harder to get into than a bank vault. Thankfully I've got softer boots now.
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Thank you, but I will stick with my Transpack.
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I'm thinking about an electric blanket to wrap the boot bags in in the back of the car for the trip to the hill: http://www.alltvstuff.com/ettb2.html
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Just make sure they are in a warm area of the passenger compartment.
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I don't know if it's the same one that an elderly friend of ours got on sale in Vail last year, but he loves his...
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