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Buon Natale, Matteo

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From all your fans!
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Seems odd to wish Nobody happy birthday, but, indeed hope you ski on your birthday!
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Cheers to you, Matteo.
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Every day is somebody's birthday, but today is Nobody's birthday!

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Happy Birthday Matteo/Nobody

How are you recovering etc btw? will they let you ski this season?
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Buon compleanno

Ciao Matteo,

Tantissimi auguri di buon compleanno. Spero che tu possa avere una buona stagione sciistica questo inverno.

E spero di augurarti Buon Natale il prossimo mese : .

Spero che tu possa avere tanti splendidi compleanni.

Ciao dai tuoi amici di Chicago.

Duccia & Michael
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uh, if it was nice, what they said (otherwise, not).

And Happy Birthday, Matteo!
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Okay, now I'm humiliated. I just wished him Merry Christmas instead of happy birthday!
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Hello Everyone!!!
Thank you for the wishes!!!! A big hug and a kiss from Italy!
Turning 40 has been....interesting....
I made (cooked) myself a birthday cake (Sacher torte)...that was eaten by my kids and some friends here. I wanted to share a slice with all of you...but, e-cakes aren't as tasty as the real ones (and usually on my birthday I run and hide somewhere that's why the two days silence)...
The idea was to go skiing somewhere near, but...no luck, no snow yet...

Do I have fans? Oh my! I'm touched! But I prefer Friends!
Yeats poem closing lines come to mind:

Think where man's glory most begins and ends.
And say my glory was I had such friends.

Lisa, don't feel humiliated, it happens... after all Natale (with capital N) is only on Dec 25th, but everyone of us has got his/her own personal "giorno natale" (birthday)!!!
Hey we just entered advent!!!!

Yes indeed was nice what has been written here, in both languages!
Grazie Michael& Duccia, contraccambio di cuore.

I'm torn, doc said I could ski, but his terms were clear, I am to ski very slowly and no excessive efforts/no pushing. As it is, I want to ski but, I also know that I will not be able to refrain from pushing (at least bit), so...I think it will be a bit of a test to ski and keep myself in check, an exercise of patience, which I don't know I'll be able to "win". We shall see, I'll decide as opportunities (to ski) will present, day by day.
This summer I felt great and started swimming...but after a while I pushd too hrad and had to cut it back (as of today I do swim only 250 mt crawl and/or breaststrokes, 25/50 meters butterfly and 25 mt backstrokes nothing compared to the kilometer I used to swim. I've taken my old MTB out for a ride or two, but only on the road.
The main exercise has been to walk around as much as possible, as per doc instructions.
Yesterday I took my inline "out" (I was tempted by my son coaches and gave in) at last and skated a bit with my younger one (while the other was training) then we played a bit hockey, racers against "rest of the world"...the result is a sore lower back today, and a bruise on my armpit!
Anyway I feel fine, I know the path is still long, but I feel confident.
Again, thanks all for the b-day wishes!
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giorno natale!
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Originally Posted by bklyntrayc
giorno natale!
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