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Tellurride Snow ? - Page 2

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Appreciate the updates. THe webcams look better in Telluride today. Aspenm snow looks awesome couldnt hang around booked flight . Flying out of Amsterdam> Denver on Tuesday :-)
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Is there seriously no more lifts open than 4 . 5 & 6 not open ?
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Open Lifts

Seriously, As of today only lift 4 is open. There is talk of 5&6 opening soon. I'll post as soon as I know. Will be out again tomorrow.
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Thanks for the update.
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You have to date your posts as it seems Epic Ski offers no dating services.:
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Aspen got over 30" this weekend. It's going off, get there quick.
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Lift 4 again

Just called Tellski. Lift 4 only again today.: Far, far better than nothing, but not what we want. Should there be any change you'll be the first to know (after I've gotten a few runs in). Stay tuned.

("Lord. Please, in your infinite wisdom grant me patience. NOW!!)
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OK Im heading out to catch the plane now . Will head to Aspen first :-)
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Lift 5

The good news here in Telluride is that Lift-5 is open.
I'm hearing lift 6 tomorrow.

Things to take into consideration:
1) It ain't hard to find a few rocks out there.
2) The grooming is a bit uneven. (I was cruising along making normal turns at moderate speed and suddenly got launched off the front end. The bindings released fine and I just got tumbled a bit).

Going to be cold here for the next couple of days.
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Thanks for update . Im in Aspen now, shed loads of snow herre as others have reported :-) I need lift 5,6 & 9 to be open to make the trip over. I only got a few days before I got to head back to Amsterdam :-)
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