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More women's ski advice please :)

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Hey all,
I think i posted my last question in the consumer gear reviews on accident and only got back one response, but here's the question [img]smile.gif[/img]

I was wondering what skis to demo for my friend. She's 5'3" or so, and 130lbs.

I was thinking the following:
1. Volkl Vertigo Motion in a 170
2. Volkl T50 4 Star Supersport in a 160 (since it's softer than the 5 star, plus it matches her boot color )
3. Atomic BetaCarv 9.18 in a 160 (don't remember what it's called now)

She has this thing against women's skis. She took a few pairs out last season (K2 T9:Flight, Volkl Vertigo 20/20) and said they were too chattery. That's why we went on to the Motion and 9.18 last season. She loved the skis between the 160 and 170 range, but said no more than 170 so...what do you guys think?

She like making all sorts of turns short and long...doesn't have a preference. She skis at both moderate and fast speeds. She mainly does Tahoe if that makes any difference [img]smile.gif[/img] . Last season she demoed the vertigo motion in a 170 and loved it..but i also heard rumors that the vertigo motion is now the same stiffness as the G31 which i thought was stiffer by a decent margin compared to the G3? Any advice appreciated alot The skis she likes'll be her x-mas present from me and our friends to her.

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I don't know about the models on your list, but I ski the T9 Spire and T9X in a 160 and love them. The Spire is extremely quick edge to edge with a 64mm. waist. I am 5'2" and 110 pounds. I am a K2 ambassador/rep.
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I love my Volants. Very stable; they've given me a lot more confidence in my skiing (I'm somewhere between intermediate and advanced, and I'm always trying new terrain that scares the heck out of me! The Volants never doing anything scary/unpredictable on me.) I have the '00 Vertex. I'm 5'5", 145, and ski them in a 163. I think the new Volants got good reviews this year; I think I remember seeing an article on women's skis and the Volants got good marks.
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Mello , Atomic C9(9.18) for an awsome groomed ripper or better yet Beta ride 922's for great all rounder or ride 10.20's for a little more high speed stability. Any of them in 160cm or 170 if she's more confident.
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Volkl has Motion on the 20/20s this year, so you might want to give 'em a try.
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