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K2 Public E Twin Tip

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Whats the scoop on this ski?
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Since no one else has replied yet, I'll ask the question. Have you tried using the search feature with the key words "Public Enemy"? You might get the answer you are looking for without getting flamed by others. By the way, from what I've heard, I wouldn't mind having the Public Enemy. Sounds like a good ski with a good price. But I haven't tried them myself.
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Yeah i would definatly search for this one.

I have last years, and i love them, i dont know about this years, but hte Ptex top sheet is cool, no more chipping like last years. But i dont like the graphics, but it still appears to be good, especially for a one ski do all kinda thing.
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I have the original PE's (2 seasons ago) just freshened them up with a little paint job,
They really are a sweet ski on anything other than sheer ice, I mean last year i also skiied some Sx 11's And obvoiusly they didnt compare,
As for the PE they pretty much rip on the groomers, I dont know about the new 85mm waist though, but they do carry the same side cut and the extra girth stiffened them up slightly so the hardpact still shouldnt be a problem.
Other thant he old top sheet they seem to be pretty much bomb proof, so the new P-tex top sheet should make this ski last a while unless you really get on it in the park.
Let me know if you need any more specifics
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I own all the years of the PE's, and I have to say I think that the previous years do ski a little better, but the added width is just something to get used to. I did notice a slight difference in performance with the added 5mm in the waist, but it wasn't much. I would have to agree though, I think it is by far the best bang for the buck ski on the market, the only thing I thought it hasn't handled all that well was the iciest of days.
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My husband likes them, just hates the graphics and the idea that they are twin tips. He hasn't skied much in the last 15 years due to two torn ACL's and a dislocated shoulder over that time period and I'd say he is timid. Of four skis he demo'd last year, the PE's were the winners for whatever reason and he hated the Recons, which he also tried. I think they turned fairly easily and didn't require a great deal of force on his part to control.
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Are the red ones the old 2005 model?

I just ordered these ones for $429 CAD with marker 1000's.

I can't wait, I just hope these are 2006's.

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Originally Posted by Prestigious
I can't wait, I just hope these are 2006's.

Those are the 04/05 model. The 05/06's are Red/White/Black as shown in the following link:

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So maybe my deal isn't so goooooood
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The 04/05 can be found in most shops for around $300, and sell on ebay for $250-275. I've seen the Marker M1000 sell for less than $75 on ebay.

Your deal isn't too far off, and you'll love the ski.
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I guess that makes sense since I am in Vancouver and would have to pay for shipping on ebay. I can't wait to try them out at Whistlers Park !

I skiied a 1080 spaceframe previously and an all mtn xscream.

I think the PE will be better than the 1080 for the park and all mtn.

Thanks Coach!

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Last year's are on sale at REI for $279...all lengths.
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I'm gonna say that no matter how much you weigh, unless you're a serious lightweight go with the 179. It skis shorter and I (5'10", 200 lbs) constantly find myself wishing I'd bought the 179 rather than the 169 anytime I'm not on groomed trails.
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