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Black Diamond Revalations 35L pack

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Skier: Level 7-8, 5'10", 150#
Ski wear, Oakley just under 3/4 length jacket, Giro nine helmet.

product on the web: http://www.bdel.com/gear/revelation.php

Don't forget to watch the vid, it gives a good overview.

I Purchased this bag as a touring bag. I don't tour yet but hope to. I also plan on using this bag back country. May be a little too big, but would have lots of room for a all day outing (lunch, goggles, glasses, extra gloves, water bladder, cokes, sweater, neck warmer, touque, shovel, probe, beacon, vid camera, camera, knife)

this report I had:
extra gloves, touque, goggle case, glasses case, sunglasses case, neck warmer, 1.5 little bladder in insulated bag, knife, camera, multigrain bars o plenty, three cokes, buddy goggle case, ski strap

Once I set the straps which work well for their intended adjustment I found the bag very comfortable and had no sore spots of for that matter even really knew I had it on.

While skiing it really didn't notice I had a pack on. It stayed put, felt glued to my back, didn't wiggle around, didn't hop up and down. I didn't feel restricted in any way, had full range of un hidered movement. Even with a helmet on I never felt the bag. Towards the end of the day I began to feel the weight but only due to tired legs.

The bag is thick and this causes chair loading to be a pain. bringing the bar down is a must to lean forward and relax. the bag is easy to take off on the lift and get back on when needed.

I keep looking for little comparmets to put things in and keep organized but there aren't any. bag is designed for it's purpose and nothing more. THis doesn't prevent it from being used outside of that but it doesn't have civilian creature comforts.

The two zippers for the main compartment is robust and doesn't catch or get stuck. Once opened the top compartmet flops forward leaving the main comparment access open and un obstructed. you have to really stuff you arm in there to get to the botton of the bag. It's deep. Little in the way of main compartment pockets and sleeves. 2-two coke can deep pockets interior side. one bladder pocket on the wearer back side. enough room to stuff power bars etc in there as well. THere is also a double zippered and velco access pocket against the wearers back that allows quick access to main compartment. I found with bladder and insulated bag this opening was a little useless. Don't worry about feeling these zipper bodys or the neat strap that allows one handed use. Perhaps with only a T Shirt on you may feel it but I doubt it.

Inside the main compartment is a aluminium framing that is adjustable for the wearer. this proves good for holding the bag rigid when loading and unloading the bag and while skiing. Downside is you can't crumple it up to stuff it in a locker DOH!

The top compatment has a single interior zippered access. without opening main compartment you can't get in here. Might be a good thing in the long run in case you forget to close it. if you do forget to close it you will find it's contents emptied into the main comparment. In this compartment there are no other pockets of sleeves only a small clip intended for something. What I don't know.

On the front of the bag there is a waterproff zippered comparment. This is intended by Black Diamond to be for Probes (dedicated sleeve), shovel handle (dedicated sleeve) and you shovel body, and one bungee with spring toggle centered inbetween and above the forementioned sleeves, for additional shovel shaft. Again there are no other compartments or pockets in here. THis compartment is wide at the bottom and tapers smaller towards the top. It is pretty thick so it can easily hold gloves with out bulging. You can put alot of stuff in here if you needed to. The bottom of the front comparment has the same heavy material the bottom and sides of this bag are made off. I think this is a good thing as this is a high wear area when on and off the chair or sitting on the hill leaning back, or whiping out and bum riding.

On the exterior of the front side pocket there is two ice axe bungle with spring toggles. at the bottom there is a thick padded v shaped pocket for the ice axe heads. this doubles nicely as a hip buckle protector when using the bag for normal to the beach or park use. on the exterior of this thick padded area are another two buckle straps. ( I think for holding the ice axe heads in place)

At the top of the bag is a nice criss crossed single bungie/ spring toggle cord with a y shaped material for helmet attachement. When yoou buy the bag you also get crampon straps with buckles that attach to this area as well. they attach to the bag via 4 D rings and you slip the crampon strap through it by turning it sideways

The exterior sides have at the top on each side a ski strap (A frame style) this strap serves double duty. sinches the bag thickness and holds the skis. the ski strap has a buckle and the strap is looped through a rubbery material to protect the strap from sharp ski edges.

The exterior sides at the bottom simply have a strap to sinche the bag thickness and are meant to have the back of the ski through. no rubber protector material here or against the bags side. An over sight I think (we will see)

Hip Belt is padded against the body and a 2" strap for the rest. It is light weight, un combering, doesn't dig into your belly. it has two small zippered pockets on the outside of the padded part. These are kinda useless. won't hold much and I wonder what there intended purpose was. Maybe a FRS radio with the antenea sticking out, not much good but for cash and change. THere is also a sinche strap from the padded part to the main body of the bag.

Shoulder straps are thinly padded, have sinch strap from above the shoulders to the top of the main bag. have a chest strap that is bungie material on one side (allows deep breathing) the buckle is smartly designed in that it is also a whislte. I felt the right side buckle strap was too short and caused a bit of searching and dexterous glove fingering to hold while clipping together. This chest strap rides on a neat section that allows raising and lowering of the chest strap. works well. I have very narrow inside of shoulder to inside of shoulder and most 35 L packs and up are too fat and wide at the top of the strap and cause discomfort after a while. No such problems with this pack. Upper portion of shoulder strap is on the thinner side tapering small towards the bottom. The shoulder strap also has two thin bungie material that allow you bladder drinking mouthpeice to be perfectly located and held in place.

against the wearers back is a large U generously padded area. the bottom of this is thicker than the rest and fills in the hollow (lumbar) of the lower back nicely. The area behind you upper spine now has a area for some air flow and cooling.

Overall a great pack. nice and light, waterproof materails for the most part. Great for skiing, holds lots of stuff, very user friendly and for $185 CAN a great deal.
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just an update after wearing the pack again.

This time out I kept the pack contents to a minimum.
Video camera
cell phone
Oakley wisdom goggle case
Oakely juliets in case
5 granola bars
1.5 litre hydra pack in insulated sheath
light FOX motorcross gloves

Depsite the low contents this time this pack is simply too big as a everyday resort pack. Skiing it is 100% fine, no problems or complaints at all. On the lift it's a bloddy pain. big when taken off and placed on lap (make a great windbreak though) and verging on dangerous when loading/unloading when worn.

For BC/ all day out of bounds with minimal lifts involved it would be outstanding.

Great pack for the intended use, but no more as a inbounds day pack.
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