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Anyone arriving early to ESA?

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Long, horrid story involving trying to use last year's airline ticket, which has an expiration date one week before ESA....

Culminating in Mr delta and I arriving in Salt Lake City a week earlier, and hoping to ski at another of the wonderful, wonderful ski resorts in the area, only to find....

That's the week of the Sundance Film Festival. Argh and a half.

We'd been thinking to stay in Park City, and try the trio of resorts around there, but the price of accommodation in that week is, well, pretty high.

Anyway, here are a few questions for locals:

1. Is one of the Extended Stay of America hotels close enough to the resorts? I assume that we'd have to rent a car.

2. Are we crazy to even consider skiing in Park City during that week? Should we consider Solitude or Brighton instead?

3. If so, can anyone recommend accommodation options?

And if anyone else who's going to ESA will arrive in the area earlier, let me know.

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The Extended Stay's are fine and yes lodging in PC is hard to come by and over priced during Sundance.

As to skiing, I've not been to PC during Sundance, but many threads in the past state that although the town is busy, the ski areas are not.

Solitude and Brighton will be fine anytime!

I'm not arriving for ESA until the 28th, but if you would like to hook up and ski the 29th I'd love to. I'm not a Wasatch expert by any means, but I definately know my way around the area(not neccessarily the ski areas). Powder Mountain for Sunday?
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We (the brits, or 4 of us at least) ar arriving late on 28th, and will be skiing 29th, at alta/bird.
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