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ski advice

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I only ski about 5 days year and currently have a 10+ year old set of cheapo Rossi straight skis. This past year I rented a set of B2s, my first time on new style skis. Compared to the mierda I was skiing before, it's amazing how easy they turn, I felt like the pilot of an Apache helicopter where you only have to think about turning and it happens. I consider myself an advanced intermediate and like to ski fast on groomers and mogul-less black diamond trails. I have never attempted to ski off trails, but after seeing pics on this board I feel that I could handle some of the less hairy off-piste skiing and will try it when I go to Alta area this winter.

What type of ski do you think would be a good all around for me. I am 46 years old and 5'9" and 175 lbs. I have been skiing for 25 years, but only 5x/year most years. Would I be better off demoing skis when I go out west? Do you think I should take a lesson to learn the 'new' style of skiing with carver skis?

I have seen the following ad for the K2 5500 Escape and it sounds like 'me', but that is probably just good marketing. I was also thinking of Volkl 5 stars, but was wondering if I'd be better off with an all mountain ski.

The most bang for your buck. That clich? is brought to life in the all new Escape 5500 Unlimited. For '03 the Unlimited includes K2's highest performance mass damping technology on a more forgiving, easier to ski platform. Featuring a torsion box construction, 17mm sidecut, and the IBC integrated binding system, the only thing the 5500 Unlimited will leave advanced skiers wanting is one more run.

Returning as one of the best value performance skis available (Ski of the Year), the 5500 boasts a 17mm sidecut and TNC metal construction for unequaled price to performance ratio. Designed to "go anywhere and do anything," the 5500 is for advanced intermediate and aspiring expert skiers. A perfect ski for those looking to take it to the next level.

New for 2003, the result of the first K2/Marker R and D collaboration, is the new IBC system. A ski and binding combination designed to provide smoother overall ski flex for enhanced control and performance. Engineered as a complete systems solution, IBC offers state of the art technology while simplifying your choice for a great ski/binding package.
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Hi Northeasterner,

I would start by reading the FAQ section available at this Forum. You would probably be happier with the K2, but after reading the FAQ below, you might head in a new direction!


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Thanks. Sorry for the double post.
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