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anyone skiing head skis?

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I'm hoping someone has an opinion on the new Head ski. Like or dislike? Especially the ladies X models ..... Thanks : my girlfriend is interested in them but we have NO SNOW yet in Pa so she cant demo them..
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I have a pair of Head TR22 with a slalom side-cut. They are 3 years old and seem to handle everything in stride. Stable at +40 mph on the Groomers yet quick to turn at lower speeds. Glides through powder and holds well on hard pack. A durable ski with pleasing Graphics. I meet a Ski Instructor with the same boards and we agreed on these points. Hope this helped you some.
Got 17" last night on our hill in Ore. that makes a +80" base. Will send you some SNOW this week.

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Coincidentally, my girlfriend is also looking at the Head Cross Lites, but I know nothing about Head skis. Didn't realize they were still making skis. Would appreciate any info or links to reviews. I have searched the Web a bit but not found too much.

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There is a reason those skis are stable at speed. The TR22's are a GS race ski, they also made a World Cup Model that was even stiffer. I bought a pair for 99.00 bucks CDN in /97. I think they are at least 5 years old. They are a great ski. I skied the x80 last year and sent it back for warranty, Head sent me this years XP80. I plan on being on them within the week. If yours has the TPS traction bar on it then it is the GS ski. I saw a pair of Tr22's with a similar graphic, minus the TPS system, which were made for Sport Check, they were a totally different ski though.
The new head line is much easier to ski then the old TR line.
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Yes mine have the TPS and they are a 205cm GS cut. I guess they are about 5 years old. Do not ski them often so they seem newer. I'll be taking them to Fernie along with a few other skis. Aren't Head's made in Austria now? At any rate I think anyone that skis them will like them.
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I've spent some time on the Cyber Cross and it is a very nice ski for an advanced skier.
Smooth and easy, but does not hold too well on the hard stuff.
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