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Ski recommendations

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I am a new member in need of some guidance in selecting my first shapes. I am 48, 5"11 190 lbs. Been skiing on and off for 40 years, the last 20 out in Seattle. I have been on dynastar 190's for the past 15 years. I would judge my ability to be 7+/8, a strong parallel, fall line skier who enjoys speed. I spend most of my time on front side groomes, enjoy both long arcs, short turns and some bumps.

Been researching and looking at the Legend 4800 and monster 70, 72 and 75 chip. Other suggestions? RX8, 5*?

Your advice would be most appreciated! Mike
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welcome to Epic :

You may want to do a search on those skis you are looking at . There are several threads on the bear forums on most of them

iI also like the same kind of skiing andwas also on Dstars then i and now 5 of my buddies all level 7-8 skiers ( 25/30 daysa yr)chose the Atomic SX10 after exhausting demo's

So here's my recommendation DEMO them all !! Then you'll get a better idea ! because i like you had several IDEAS before demoing but afterwords ended up with a ski that wasn't even on my radar screen

Good luck and happy hunting . The good news is that the shaped skis will add yrs to your skiing career they are simply awesome once you learn the modern technique
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