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Wisp Expansion North Camp

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Anybody know if the vertical increased with this new addition at Wisp? The two new lifts don't appear to be high speed. I never skied there but I am intrigued enough to drive over and ski there a day this winter.
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I believe they are listing their vertical at 715 ft, an increase from their previous 600 ft. Big things.
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A few extra turns at least. If you look at it as a percentage increase it's 20% increase in vrtical. I think I saw that their day ticket weekend rate was $55!

That shocked me and will stop me from going.
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I grew up in that area and my folks still live up that way. The entire Deep Creek area has just gone wild in terms of development and price.

BTW, that expansion is the initial opening of new terrain that when completed will more than double the size of the ski area. I'm not surprised at the lift prices, as the $$ to pay for all the upgrades has to come from somewhere. I'm sure they're not worried about people not paying that price. It's usually wall to wall skiers on the weekend.
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I think its great that they are expanding and I could only hope Seven Springs finally gets going on their terrain expansion that has yet to come to fruition. The pass at the Springs amortizes out at less than $10 a time there so paying a full ticket price elsewhere in the region seems expensive. But like you pointed out its a popular place pretty adjacent to a couple of large metro areas that representing great demographics.

I spent $28 to park my car in DC two weeks ago for 4 hrs. They won't have any problems getting their weekend rate.
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