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Rossi B2 and Diamir Freeride binding mounting position?

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I had a pair of Fritschi Diamir Freeride bindings mounted on my B2's the other week and gave them a try the other day but i'm wondering if they need adjusting?
When I had them done I was wearing a boot with a sole length of 314. I've just got new boots which have a sole length of 297 which has put the centre mark on the boots ahead of the centre mark on the skis.
Turning now feels far too quick and I feel that I cannot weight my cuffs like I do on all my other skis. It's almost like i need to ride slightly in the back seat!
Perhaps it would be worth getting the bindings re-mounted further back?
If anyone can recommend where these bindings should be mounted on the ski for Freeride use would be grateful for the advice.


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http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...light=fritschi - previous discussion

That's quite a bit of difference. You may need a remount.
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The last thread where we discussed the different boot sizes was here (the one LeeLau posted relates to a misaligned mount). At the time, you were talking about Volkl Mantras, so you apparently changed skis. It was recommended that you mount the longer boot 1/2 to 1-1/2 cm behind center so that the shorter boot would work. The total difference between the two boots is only 7 mm, so this should not have moved you off the original mark more than 4 mm.

It sounds like you have had a chance to ski both setups. Part of the difference may be the easy forward flex of the Adrenalin boot compared to an alpine boot, but you are the best judge. If you need to move the mount back 1-cm (or more), it should not hurt the ski, as the hole patterns will remain staggered.
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the difference is 17mm...i'm guessing remount
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Thanks for correction Cirquerider. I searched a little too quickly
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Leelau, Thanks for the linky. Some interesting reading in that thread. A remount sounds like what is required. I'm just wondering how far behind the centreline I should go.

Cirquerider, I think you must have me mixed up with the other guy who posted in that thread you linkied.
My usual skis are Atomics which feel as though they have the centreline farther back than Rossis. Even when I had my Look P10's on the centreline of both ski and previous boots they felt more neutral than my other skis.
With the new Tecnica Diablo Fire boots having a softer flex and more forward lean than i've ever had before i'm wondering just how far back to go. Seeing as this will be the third set of holes in my skis I don't want to have to do it again as I feel I may be pushing my luck with such a soft ski.
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