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I've been using my mahsive manly mahcles to flex some of the nu skis and have noticed most skis hinge a bit fore and a bit aft of the binding area by design. Very little flex happens in the binding mount area even w/o the binding mounted. The only exception I've found is the Pilots which do flex evenly from tip to tail. This makes me wonder just how useful the Volkl/Marker and other sytems are and may explain why the Pilots have such a different feel like it or not.

Volkl seems to have replaced the traditional bindings screwed into the skis with 2 rails (they look like little I-beams) *screwed* into the ski. Seems like these "I-beams" would hinder the ski flex to me even if the bindings do not.

Anyway, I wonder if most of these systems r of more theoretical than practical benefit. I think the Pilot system 'works' and makes for a unique ski but can't say it's better. I preferred the Mod X and doubt the Pilot or Volkl systems would have improved it