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K2 Axis X

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I have the opportunity to rent a pair of these skis for a week soon, and I was hoping for a little advice before I commit to them.
I'm 170lbs 5'8" about upper intermediate in ability being a mainly red run skier with a few hacked blacks thrown in for good measure.
I like to get a lot of speed up on the easier blues, and when I can I like to flounder in the more easily accessible off piste muck.
Skied x-scream 9 last year and thoroughly enjoyed them, but didn't find the edge hold all that good on very hard pistes.
I have a choice between the 174 and the 181 so any advice there would be great as well.
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Hi Mark,
If I were you, I'd go with the 174. I think you'll be happy enough with the performance.

I realise some on the forum may suggest longer, but given your location & number of days you ski a year, I think you'd get more out of the 174.

That's my 2 pence. (a penny for my thoughts, and a penny for my experience)

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Hi Mark. I think you will love this ski. I too think you would benefit from a pair of 174's - they are a great ski and compete favorably with the xscreams. I speak from experience, having used xscreams for 3 seasons and then switching to the Axis last year (Modx). I definately find the edge hold to be better on the Axis.

From one MarkP to another. Have a great time.

Mark P
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I too moved from Salomon X-Scream Series to the Axis X this season. I'm 5'10", 160 lbs, Level 8. I skied the X-Scream Series in a 187, and I'm on the Axis X in a 181.

Note that the K2s run long in a stated size. The stated 6cm difference between the Series and the Axis X works out to be about 1/2" in actual length.

If you like shorter turns and slower speeds, bumps, trees, etc., get the 174. If you ski fast and make bigger carved turns, get the 181.
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Fox, looks like you were right...
Thats 1-1 for length. Looks like I'll be going for the 174 (I'm comfortable with my masculinity) unless anyone else can convince me otherwise in the next few days.
Thanks for the help fellas.
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